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Chopard Alpine Eagle - Horobox Limited Edition

Horobox, which keeps the pulse of the watch world since its establishment, shared the pride and excitement of introducing its third Special Edition model with members of the friendship club Horobox Inside, which gathers true watch enthusiasts under the same roof.


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Before we move on to the watch and the details about the event, we leave you with a short promotional film for Chopard Alpine Eagle Horobox Limited Edition directed by Eray DİNÇ, one of our country's world-renowned talent in visual arts.

Thursday night, March 4, was the scene of an event full of pride and excitement for us as the Horobox team. Our third Special Edition watch project, Chopard Alpine Eagle Horobox Limited Edition, models have been delivered to their owners.

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The third step of this adventure, which started with Arnold & Son Globetrotter and continued with HYT H5, was Chopard, the veteran brand specializing in watches and jewelry. The platform we chose to base the new Horobox Special Edition model was the Alpine Eagle model family, the unique member of the luxury sports watch (Sport-Chic) concept, which has become one of the most popular segments of recent years.

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The new models were delivered to their proud owners at the event hosted by Tektaş Saatçilik and Horobox. Shelly OVADIA of Tektaş Saatçilik (Turkey Authorized Distributor of Chopard) was present at the event held at the beautiful center of Moët Hennessy Turkey at Nida Kule – Istanbul. Before we move on to the unforgettable moments of the night full of excitement and watch talks, let us give you a piece of brief information about the model.

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The Alpine Eagle collection is inspired by the first watch designed by Chopard's co-chair Karl-Friedrich SCHEUFELE, St. Moritz. The model was both the first sports watch and the first steel watch of the brand that specialized in gold and diamond gold watches. The design, which achieved great success with a very risky venture, became Chopard's best-selling model for the next decade.

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The Chopard Alpine Eagle Horobox Limited Edition, which is limited to only 10 pieces, is based on the three-hand version of the model family with a 41mm case diameter. The case and integrated bracelet are made of the brand's patented stainless steel alloy 'Lucent Steel A223'. The alloy, which is the product of an R&D process of about four years, offers 50% more wear resistance than standard steel with its 223 Vickers hardness value.


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The most distinguishing feature of the limited model, which was exclusively designed and produced for Horobox, is undoubtedly its dial color. The dial, inspired by the patterns in the eye of the Alpine Eagle that gave its name to the model family, was finished in Burgundy tone for the first time and only for Horobox. This unique color tone, which we have difficulty expressing by the photographs, was the result of the collaboration between Horobox and Chopard.

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Chopard Alpine Eagle Horobox Limited Edition beats with the manufacture Caliber 01.01-C. The automatic movement, consisting of 207 parts, offers up to 60 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

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The case back features the "LTD FOR HOROBOX" engraving on the steel ring, as well as the Horobox logo and "ONE OUT OF 10" inscription on the sapphire crystal display. Chopard Alpine Eagle Horobox Limited Edition comes in a special box that includes a certificate signed by Karl-Friedrich SCHEUFELE.

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Here you go with the scenes from the night that witnessed pleasant moments...

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