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Cigar Night with Remy Julia


Horobox Inside, the unchanging meeting point of luxury watch aficionados, had another great event recently that was hosted by Remy JULIA the watch specialist of world famous auction house Christie’s.

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The Horobox Inside group, which was established to bring together the enthusiasts and collectors who are interested in luxury watches and to have a good time together with distinguished events, has enjoyed pleasant moments with its latest event that took place last week.

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The event, accompanied by the unique Bosphorus view of Istanbul, was held at the garden part of Le Fumoir Bar, located in Çırağan Palace Kempinski, serving both local and foreign guests with its distinguished atmosphere.

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Horobox Inside group members talked about the latest models, the watches in their shopping lists and sector-oriented happenings while having their cigars with whiskey offerings. Our dear friend Remy JULIA, the watch specialist of Christie’s Auction House and the host of the event, gave important information and hints especially about the world of collecting luxury vintage watches as well as the up-coming auctions on Christie’s schedule.

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First, we would like to thank our dear friend Remy JULIA, who made the night special with his presence and unmatched knowledge about watches and Christie’s Auction House. We would also like to thank our Horobox Inside Group members for not leaving us alone at that exclusive event. See you at the next event...

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If you would like to be a part of the Horobox Inside group and meet the fans who share the same passion with you, please drop an e-mail to

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