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Hublot Big Bang Purple Linen Ref. 341.XP.2770.NR.1205


Another worthy of the name model from Hublot which likes to push the boundaries by using alternate and extreme materials in line with its "Art of Fusion" motto.

If anyone asks about the brands that attract the polarized comments most, I believe almost every watch enthusiast that follow the industry closely would mention Hublot in their replies. The brand, which offers a wide variety of alternative and extra ordinary materials in its watches like concrete, leather, sapphire crystal and fabric, continues to be one of the most talked-about names in the world of luxury watchmaking.


Perhaps the most common feature of those who are interested in watches is that they mostly like the traditional designs. We can easily understand this by seeing the brands using their well-established history as a successful marketing argument at the same time. But there is a group where this detection is not very clear: women users.

Yes, while we are mostly pulled to the boutiques with those arguments used for the marketing of the luxury timepieces, the same does not apply to women clients. Don’t we all know a woman who would be happy to purchase a watch just for its perfect harmony with her shoes or bag (should be both, right?).

Here, when you give those women an above average budget and reasonable knowledge about watches, the resulting profile can easily show up with a pink composite resin Hublot adorned with genuine linen and purple amethysts.


So far, it is possible for you to think that I am criticizing this as it is hard to express your feelings behind the computer (and I don’t use emojis as a matter of principal), but I am not. I totally support it as I believe the use of  alternative materials, unusual colors and eye-catching designs are very compatible with feminine shopping dynamics. I also think that models designed in this way are also beneficial for women users to increase their knowledge about luxury timepieces.


Now, let’s get back to the watch, shall we?

The model is listed under the Big Bang Collection, which is one of the cult product lines for not only Hublot but the entire luxury watchmaking industry. Offered in an unusual combination of Composite Resin, a specialty by Hublot, and genuine pink linen, the Big Bang style case measures 41mm in diameter. I had the opportunity to see different Hublot models made of composite resin. And I can say that this model feels as high quality as others I’ve seen previously. The case is equipped with scratch resistant sapphire crystals on both sides and is water resistant to 100 meters / 10 bars. The pink accents on the large winding crown and rectangular chronograph pushers are nice touches that are in line with the overall color scheme. The iconic bezel is set with 36 pieces of purple amethysts which provides a dazzling look.

341-xp-2770-nr-1205-hublot-big-bang-purple-linen-3.jpg 341-xp-2770-nr-1205-hublot-big-bang-purple-linen-6.jpg

341-xp-2770-nr-1205-hublot-big-bang-purple-linen-4.jpg 341-xp-2770-nr-1205-hublot-big-bang-purple-linen-5.jpg

The dial design of the model also reflects the brand’s Art of Fusion motto. The dial, which offers a Tri-Compax chronograph lay-out, features a hand-made genuine linen background. Adorned with 8 pieces of purple amethysts matching with the bezel, the dial also features a date display window between 4 and 5 o’clock. Thanks to the pink background date disk, the date display nicely blends with the dial.


The model is powered by the brand’s manufacture Caliber Unico HUB4300 movement. Self-winding chronograph movement offers a 42 hour power reserve when fully wound.


Another support to the model’s extra ordinary presence comes from the strap. The strap is composed of genuine pink linen hand-sewn on purple vulcanized rubber base and secured by a Hublot signed folding clasp made of brushed stainless steel.

341-xp-2770-nr-1205-hublot-big-bang-purple-linen-7.jpg 341-xp-2770-nr-1205-hublot-big-bang-purple-linen-9.jpg


Hublot, which I have never found to be interesting with its unconventional materials when I talk about men’s watches, seems very sympathetic to me when it comes to ladies timepieces. I think this is due to the fact that the objects that are not traditional or stand out with their visual design instead of their mechanical features suits better with women than men.

If you are interested about the model, I strongly suggest you seeing it in person. If you like pink and purple tones, fancy out of the box designs and do not want everyone to have what you have, then it’s pretty unlikely for you not to like the model.

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