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Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Scritto


Designed and produced in collaboration with the famous French leather goods manufacturer Berluti, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Scritto series is already a candidate to be among the modern classics with its leather dials and perfect craftsmanship.

521-nx-050b-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-3.jpg 521-nx-050b-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-7.jpg

Hublot and the famous French leather goods manufacturer Berluti are two leading names in their field. And the get together of those big brands means exciting things to happen. Just like how we feel about the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti Scritto timepieces.

521-nx-050b-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-10.jpg 521-ox-050v-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-1.jpg

Both models are offered in 45mm diameter cases available in lightweight Titanium or 18K pink gold, which attract attention with their typical Hublot style design. H shaped screws in the bezel, a signature detail for the brand, are present in these models like the rest of the collection. The dials are designed in different color tones referring to the case materials. The Titanium version features a blue dial while the 18K pink gold model is equipped with a burgundy dial. The dials, which are made of world’s finest Italian leather by Berluti, achieve a breakthrough in terms of being unique. The cases are equipped with scratch resistant sapphire crystals on both sides and are water resistant to 50 meters.

521-nx-050b-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-4.jpg 521-nx-050b-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-5.jpg


521-nx-050b-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-2.jpg 521-nx-050b-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-6.jpg

The models are offered on leather straps made of same Berluti leathers and rubber linings which prevent the leather to contact with skin and increase its durability. The straps are secured with comfortable folding clasps made of Titanium or 18K pink gold depending on the model.


Both models are powered by the self-winding Caliber Ref. HUB1143 movements. Based on the well-known ETA 2894-2, the movement offers a power reserve of 42 hours when fully wound. Thanks to its modular chronograph architecture, the compact size of the movement plays a significant role in the model’s comfortable wrist presence. Despite being a drawback for some users as an in-house movement mostly determines a timepiece’s position against its competitors, the tested-and-approved durability and robustness of the ETA 2894-2 can be considered as an advantage.


The models are offered in limited production numbers as 250 pieces for the Titanium version and 100 pieces for the 18K pink gold version. MSRPs are 14.900 CHF and 34.900 CHF respectively. Despite the remarkable amounts needed to be paid for those models that bear the signatures of Hublot and Berluti, I believe a unique timepiece that cannot be seen around so often is surely a dream for many watch enthusiasts. In the meantime, the possible patina that the leather straps will get in time upon UV lights exposure is a mystery.

521-nx-050b-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-11.jpg 521-ox-050v-vr-ber18-hublot-classic-fusion-chronograph-berluti-scritto-ocean-blue-45mm-2.jpg

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