alexa Ressence | Type 5G | “Grey” Diver | Baselworld 2017

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Ressence Type 5G “Grey” Diver


The Belgian boutique brand Ressence, which combines traditional watchmaking with marginal methods of modern technology, introduced the new Gray version of its Type 5G Diver model.

The first version of the Type 5G series, which was highly acclaimed, was offered with a titanium case and a black dial. The series was expanded with the addition of a black case/black dial version which was appreciated with its functionality and stylish design. The Belgian watchmaker introduced the latest version of the series which brought a new breath to the Diver’s Watch concept, to be officially launched at the Baselworld 2017 exhibition. Type 5G "Gray" Diver, which offers a highly monochrome image with a new dial made of Titanium in line with the case material, draws a superb composition with the minimalist style of the brand.


Type 5G "Gray" Diver model’s bezel and sub-dials are made of titanium, with a grainy surface form provided by micro-sandblasting technique. The brand, which also applies the same technique to the watch’s case, has aimed to capture different shades of gray, using more than one sandblast pattern for the components that make up the model.

The new model offers the same technical specifications as the previous Type 5G versions, except for these visual details that form the monochrome image.


The model is offered in a titanium case measuring 46mm in diameter. The case does not feature a winding crown for adjustment like the previous models but sports a rotating caseback for time setting. The case is water resistant to 100 meters and it is equipped with a bezel made of titanium.


The interesting and innovative features of the Type 5G "Gray" Diver model are of course not limited to cosmetic details. The module located at the lower side of the case houses a custom ETA 2824 movement which drives the time display by using magnets.


The time display module is isolated from the system as its more like a capsule filled with oil. This system provides the impression which makes the dial look like it’s printed on the inner side of the crystal. The pressure resistant nature of the oil also contributes positively to the waterproofing of the watch while improving mechanical performance of the movement by reducing the friction.


Thanks to the miniature bellow system in the oil-filled module, the reaction of the oil to the ambient temperature prevents the changing volume from affecting the operation of the timepiece negatively. In addition to this mechanism, the oil temperature was brought to the attention of the user with an indicator positioned on the bottom of the front screen. The optimum temperature level of the oil is expressed in a light green color.


The Ressence Type 5G "Gray" Diver, which is powered by a special module called the Ressence Orbital Convex System and a modified ETA 2824 mechanism, offers a total of 36 hours of power reserve. 

The new model is offered with a hand stitched crocodile leather strap and a pin type buckle made of Grade 5 Titanium. The list price of the model is € 31,500.

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