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Cartier Santos-Dumont

With the new battery powered Santos-Dumont series, Cartier aims for the top of the entry-level luxury watch category.


Cartier's legendary Santos model has obtained the most refined lines in its history. Moreover, with and unbeatable quality and price tag.


Being remembered among the classics is not a success that every brand and model can achieve. For Cartier Santos-Dumont, the most appropriate statement I could make would be “modern classic”. More clearly, we are talking about a model, which is free of complications, manufactured with extremely fine workmanship with a timeless design.


Cartier Santos-Dumont is available in two different chassis sizes. Offered in 27,5mm x 38,5mm and 31,4mm x 43,5mm, the total height of the models is only 7mm. The biggest factor in ensuring this value is the use of a Quartz movement. However, the measurements are so delicately arranged that they even the most obsessed mechanical movement lover may be dissuaded. Santos-Dumont is simply a fascinating timepiece with details like its unique polished bezel around its sapphire crystal, meticulously crafted dial and blue sapphire set winding crown.

cartier-santos-dumont-sihh-2019-3.jpg cartier-santos-dumont-sihh-2019-4.jpg

A Quartz movement with a battery life of 6 years powers the model family. At this stage, there may be some purists that would be uncomfortable to see the words “battery operated” and “Cartier” side by side. Yes, we all agree on the unique feel of mechanical watches over Quartz ones. However, thanks to that Quartz movement, Santos-Dumont comes with such a thin case like that as well as a relatively affordable price tag despite its superior artisanship and quality.


The thick, padded alligator straps offered with the models feature a special easy change system that require no extra tools to change the straps. This feature is especially useful for the Santos models in the higher series, where the bracelet and leather strap are presented together.


The most crucial part of the model; price! The 27.5mm case version retails for 3650, 00 USD while the 31,4mm version comes with a price tag of 3900, 00 USD. Considering the base price for automatic Santos timepieces is 6250, 00 USD, Santos-Dumont proves that it is an exceptional model that can easily compete in many disciplines like price, brand prestige, heritage and quality.


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