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5 New Models From Officine Panerai


Panerai made the introduction of 5 new models in the autumn collection. The new models consist of two limited edition versions and three standard collection timepieces.


The new limited edition models are introduced with the references PAM00790 and PAM00791. The models are offered in Radiomir 1940 style cases measuring 47mm in diameter. They are equipped with dials that are never been seen in a Panerai before featuring black and cream color tones. Both timepieces are powered with hand-wound Caliber Ref. P3000 movements with 3 days power reserve.

  • pam00790-officine-panerai-radiomir-1940-3-days-acciaio-47mm-1-.jpg PAM00790
  • pam00791-officine-panerai-radiomir-1940-3-days-acciaio-47mm-1-.jpg PAM00791
  • pam00790-officine-panerai-radiomir-1940-3-days-acciaio-47mm-12.jpg PAM00790
  • pam00791-officine-panerai-radiomir-1940-3-days-acciaio-47mm-2-.jpg PAM00791

PAM00795, from the standard collection models, stands out with its 44mm Luminor style case, contrasting cream color indices on black background dial and power reserve indicator. The new model, Luminor 8 Days Power Reserve, is powered by the Caliber Ref. P.5002 movement with 8 days power reserve. The case, water proof to 300 meters, is equipped with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal on the front side and a solid case back at the rear side.

pam00795-officine-panerai-luminor-8-days-power-reserve-acciaio-44mm-1-.jpg pam00795-officine-panerai-luminor-8-days-power-reserve-acciaio-44mm-2-.jpg


PAM00797, which is the titanium version of PAM00795, also comes in a 44mm diameter Luminor case but made of lightweight titanium alloy. Powered by the Caliber Ref. P.5002 like the stainless steel version, the new model features a tobacco colored dial as a differentiating detail.



Finally, the collection also has a model designed for Destro, ie left-handed users. The Luminor Marina Destro PAM00796 is offered in a 44mm stainless steel case that is equipped with a sapphire crystal display case back unlike the other models. The new model is powered by the hand-wound Caliber Ref. P.5001 with 8 days power reserve that can be monitored by an indicator located at the rear side of the movement. The model is equipped with a sapphire crystal on the front side as well and is water resistant to 300 meters.

pam00796-officine-panerai-luminor-left-handed-8-days-acciaio-44mm-1-.jpg pam00796-officine-panerai-luminor-left-handed-8-days-acciaio-44mm-2-.jpg


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