alexa Privacy Agreement | HOROBOX

1. By enrolling in the member area of the Horobox website. Members expressly acknowledge that they have had access to, read and agree to be bound by and warrant their full compliance with the following the website rules (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”)

2. For all other issues, Members should also refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Use relating to the Horobox website.

3. Members acknowledge that Horobox/Filati Iplik has the right to enforce and modify these Rules at its sole discretion from time to time. The revised Rules will take effect for all Members as of the date of posting and Members must check for modifications to the Rules on a regular basis. Member’s acceptance of the modified Rules will be confirmed by the continued use of the website.

4. Generally speaking, these Rules simply require respect, good manners and a little common sense. However, if Members do not accept the Rules, their further participation in the website will not be authorised.

5. The purpose of the website is to promote meaningful discussion and exchange information about Horobox products in a collegial atmosphere. All Member postings shall be relevant and of an informational nature and for informational purposes only. Inappropriate or disruptive posts, as determined at Horobox’s and/or the Moderator sole discretion, may be blocked or removed with or without notice.

6. Furthermore, the website will be moderated by the Admin. The Admin will provide articles to enrich the website, responses to certain posts and exercise editorial control. Consequently, the Admin may decide to delete posts or cancel Member access profiles at any time with or without notice. Horobox/Filati Iplik is under no obligation to publish any post submitted by a Member.

7. Horobox will archive published Members’ posts and all published posts will be made available to all Members of the website for an unlimited period or as may otherwise be required by law. Furthermore Horobox collects data relating to Members use of the website, such data being automatically provided when Members log-on. Horobox uses its best efforts to store any such data securely and it is accessible only to authorised Horobox and/or affiliate companies’ personnel. Horobox does not sell, rent or otherwise make available any personal data to third parties, unless so required by law.

8. In all cases upon request Horobox will remove Members’ personal information from its database there by cancelling their registration and further access to the website

9. Horobox/Filati Iplik accepts no responsibility for the opinions and information posted on the website by Members. Horobox disclaims all warranties with regard to information posted on the website. In no event shall Horobox be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages, or damages of any kind whatsoever, resulting from loss of use, data or profits, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any information posted on the website.

10. Personal Identification. Members will include their full name or Pen name (pseudonym) in all messages posted to discussions, but will not include other personal information about themselves or anyone else, such as their address, telephone number, email address or place of work. Members will not represent themselves as other persons.

11. Members will not make multiple postings on any subject in such a way as to be likely to discourage others from posting their own comments.

12. Members shall only post contributions in English; however common greetings and expressions in other languages may be acceptable.

13. Members will not post any defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal information or material, and will not use the website in any illegal manner. In particular, Members will refrain from posting anything that might be construed as vulgar, obscene, offensive or pornographic in nature, and will refrain from direct or indirect personal attacks, insults, harassment or threats, hate speech, discussion, incitement or instructions relating to illegal activity, infringement on others’ legal rights (including trademark, copyright, or privacy rights), slander or defamation, false or inaccurate statements, or violent or abusive content. Attacks against other Members or persons or entities affiliated with Horobox/Filati Iplik will not be tolerated.

14. “Spamming”, in any form or “Flaming” of other Members is strictly forbidden. Disputes and arguments will not be brought into the website and should be resolved privately. Personal issues relating to watch purchases and service transactions should also be resolved privately and must not be aired on the website for redress or publicity relating to such disputes.

15. Members may in their sole discretion determine through their Privacy Settings whether other Members may contact them directly by email.

16. Members will also refrain from making disruptive or provocative posts (e.g. from “Trolls” and “Shills”) designed to upset other Members or to provoke arguments or heated exchanges and Members will not respond to posts in a way that may upset or cause distress to others.

17. Members will not post any information or other material protected by copyright without the permission of the copyright owner, nor will Members use any words, logos or other marks that would infringe upon the trademark, service mark, certification mark, or other intellectual property rights of the owners of such rights without the permission of such owners. Furthermore, Members will refrain from posting any confidential information or any information that would infringe upon the proprietary, privacy or personal rights of others.

18. By posting material, the posting Member warrants and represents that it owns the copyright with respect to such material, has received permission from the copyright owner, or that the material is in the public domain. The posting Member further warrants and represents that it otherwise has the full and unencumbered right to post such material and that such posting will not infringe any rights or interests of others. In addition, the posting Member grants Horobox and other Members of the website a non-exclusive, irrevocable license to display, copy, publish, distribute, transmit, print, and more generally use such information or material in any manner, without payment to the posting Member.

19. The website will not be used in any manner that violates antitrust or unfair competition or other legislation prohibiting anticompetitive practices. The antitrust/unfair competition laws generally prohibit any agreement or understanding inconsistent with the right and obligation of competitors to exercise independent business judgment in pricing their products or services, dealing with their customers and suppliers, and selecting the markets in which to compete. No express agreement or understanding is required; one can be inferred from statements or conduct. In particular, Members will not post any information regarding specific prices or fees charged or paid, and will not post any information concerning prices, pricing practices, discounts, or other terms or conditions of sale either obtained by or offered to another entity relating to Horobox/Filati Iplik products.

20. Commercial use or any other unauthorized use of the website is prohibited. Members may not use the website to solicit or conduct business, including the direct or indirect marketing of products, including watches or related items, businesses, dealers, websites, services or events, in any manner. The website may not be used to provide information, materials, products, or services in exchange for compensation of any kind.

21. Horobox may monitor the website for inappropriate postings. In the event that any inappropriate posting or unauthorized use of the website is brought to Horobox’s attention, including but not limited to prohibited posting and usage as outlined herein, Horobox will take all appropriate action, in its sole discretion. Horobox reserves the right to terminate, without prior notice, a Member’s access to the website or to any members-only areas of the website.

22. Members agree to indemnify Horobox against all damages, costs and expenses that may be incurred by Horobox/Filati Iplik as a result of that Member’s breach of these Rules.