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Horobox is a web portal designed to make all of the innovations and news in the mechanical watch world fast and easily available to keep our readers informed of progress. Since its launch on July 1, 2015, it has become one of the top names in the digital world due to its unique style and fresh content every day.

At Horobox, we have come together to create all of this because we are watch enthusiasts ourselves.  All our content is prepared by us and contains unbiased comments that are not dependent on any brand. Horobox is a formation prepared by our extensive team, over great effort. For us, this has become a passion rather than a job, but there is still inevitable cost to continue.

The only way we get the required support is by the advertisement we get from these brands. On this page, we wanted to share with you the partners who provide sponsorship support to us.

We would like to offer our endless thanks to our sponsors and their incredible support to us, without ignoring our contribution to the watchmaking industry or expecting any editorial content.We would like to point out our neutrality, which we have not compromised to this day, and will continue to provide un-biased industry content..


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