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A Selection of Mechanical Alarm Watches

We take a look at the alarm complication, one of the silent(!) heroes of the world of mechanical watches.

Don't mind when I say silent, they are loud. Well, the sound is quite noticeable and distracting rather than the melodic chimes of a minute repeater. Just as intended...

Alarm watches have been in our lives for many years. Humans benefit from alarms billions of times a day, from waking up in the morning to remembering specific occasions. According to the dictionary meaning, alarm means the warning sound, image, and sign that occurs at the time of danger. We, on the other hand, use this feature for wake-up and/or reminder purposes. If you notice, the setting process in the alarm setting pattern is also based on the mechanical instruments from years ago. In its simplest form, the sound and vibration created by wires and hammers as a result of the potential energy hidden in a spring being discharged at the desired moment create the alarm complication. In today's watch world, watches with this complication continue to be produced. Let's take a look at mechanical wristwatches with alarms, from entry-level to high-end watchmaking.

Vulcain Cricket

Producing alarm watches since the 1940s, Vulcain manages to be among the models with relatively accessible price tags on our list. The most famous of the models from the 50s President Collection is undoubtedly the Cricket model. The hand-wound in-house movements also host an alarm mechanism that is quite loud and vibrates the watch at the desired hour.


Tudor Heritage Advisor

The Heritage Advisor model, from the Swiss manufacturer Tudor, is one of the most user-friendly alternatives in the market manufacture alarm movement. In the automatic caliber, where the alarm function is set manually, there is a pusher at 8 o'clock to activate the feature, a reserve indicator of the mainspring that powers the alarm system, and a status indicator on the dial.

mechanical-alarm-watches-tudor-heritage-advisor-1.jpg mechanical-alarm-watches-tudor-heritage-advisor-2.jpg

Jaeger-LeCoultre Memovox Polaris Mariner

Polaris Mariner, the newest member of the Memovox family of Jaeger-LeCoultre, one of the cult collections in the world of watches, also attracts attention with its iconic design. The model, which has three winding crowns for adjusting the time, rotating the inner bezel, and setting the alarm function respectively, is also a unique diving instrument with an alarm feature. Memovox takes its place as one of the most striking models on the list, with high-level details unique to JLC in its automatic caliber.

mechanical-alarm-watches-jaeger-lecoultre-memovox-1.jpg mechanical-alarm-watches-jaeger-lecoultre-memovox-2.jpg

Breguet Marine Alarme Musicale

This poetic name is none other than a watchmaking legend that survives as the legacy of Abraham Louis Breguet. After its sporty design and solid looks, the model, which offers a delicately crafted automatic caliber with alarm complication, meets watch lovers with a variety of case and dial combinations. It is possible to notice Breguet's superior experience in every detail, including the note of the sound of the alarm mechanism.

mechanical-alarm-watches-breguet-marine-alarme-musicale-1.jpg mechanical-alarm-watches-breguet-marine-alarme-musicale-2.jpg


Patek Philippe 5520P

Another model on our list, the Patek Philippe 5520P, is perhaps one of the most extraordinary Patek models. The model, which comes with a 42.2mm diameter case made of platinum, stands out with its movement that looks like a work of art. Easily noticed with its unique sound, the model also carries Patek Philippe's unique perspective on the alarm complication to the wrists.


mechanical-alarm-watches-patek-philippe-5520p-2.jpg mechanical-alarm-watches-patek-philippe-5520p-3.jpg

Richard Mille RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ

I found it appropriate to finish the list with this unusual model. Richard Mille RM 62-01 Tourbillon Vibrating Alarm ACJ. The letters ACJ at the end mean that this watch is the result of a partnership with Airbus Corporate Jets. Such a special model would suit business people who have to spend their lives in private jets and are fond of exotic timepieces. The alarm mechanism of the RM 62-01, which is produced in a limited number of 30 pieces, makes the watch vibrate and warns its user thanks to a weight that rotates at 5400rpm! minute. Isn't it incredible?

mechanical-alarm-watches-richard-mille-rm-62-01-1.jpg mechanical-alarm-watches-richard-mille-rm-62-01-2.jpg

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