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Apple Watch Series 4


The most successful connected watch ever, the new version of Apple Watch has been introduced. The Apple Watch Series 4 features a faster processor, bigger screen and more advanced features.


The new version draws attention with its big screen covering almost all of its front side. In these days when connected watches follow almost every aspect of our life, Apple is not afraid to take the game one step further. The new model can capture an electrocardiogram (ECG) and offer heartbeat monitor feature.

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The new model, which supports aluminum and stainless steel case materials with silver, gold and space gray colors, has a 30% bigger screen compared to the previous series. Equipped with a new crown with haptic feedback and a speaker with 50% higher output power than the old model, the case back of the model is also made of ceramic and sapphire crystal glass. The Watch Series 4, powered by the new S4 chip, is equipped with a faster 64-bit processor, new accelerometer and gyroscope.

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The heartbeat tracking feature from the new model’s most striking features, offers low pulse and atrial fibrillation detection functions. The watch, which acts like an assistant who follows your health and can carry with you at any moment, can take ECG with the help of the sensors inside.

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Equipped with the new operating system WatchOS 5, the Apple Watch is getting ready to meet the customers with customizable and newly designed interfaces. Including 18 hours of battery life, integrated GPS, waterproofing, etc., the connected watch can be purchased from September 21st starting at $ 399.

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