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Bovet 1822 Virtuoso VII

Bovet 1822 introduced the new Virtuoso VII models in two different dial colors within the Watches & Wonders on-line platform.


It has always been difficult for me to describe Bovet 1822 timepieces. The reason for this is that the watches promise a visual feast far above what you can describe. We may talk about the hands, the case, or the skeleton form and Guilloche patterns of the dial as much as we want, there will always be missing a detail. Therefore, this will be a review where photographs speak for themselves instead of words. Nonetheless, I still want to go over the technical specifications briefly.

acqpr014-bovet-1822-virtuoso-vii-2.jpg acqpr012-bovet-1822-virtuoso-vii-1.jpg

The Virtuoso VII model is not a new product line for the brand. In the past years, different case materials and models with various dial colors were included in the same product group. The model introduced in the 2020 Watches & Wonders (e)-trade show has four different versions. The new model offers red and green dial options with a red or white gold case.

acqpr012-bovet-1822-virtuoso-vii-3.jpg acqpr014-bovet-1822-virtuoso-vii-3.jpg

The case with 43,30mm case diameter and 11,25mm thickness is waterproof up to 30 meters. Virtuoso VII contains the Perpetual Calendar function. If you do not notice this feature at first glance, you may flip the watch. Yes, while one direction of the watch shows the classic time-keeping function, the other side displays the Perpetual Calendar function. Of course, when the brand is Bovet 1822, your usage is not limited to a wristwatch only. If you wish, you can use the Virtuoso VII model as a pocket watch with the chain that comes with the watch or as a table clock.


The hardest part about the watch to mention is the dial. I don’t know which parts of the dial I should mention: the workmanship of the skeleton parts, or the red and green Guilloché pattern or the hands and indexes. In this part, I leave you with detailed photos of the dial without telling you much. You can reach the technical information about the dial from the link below.

Next is the model's movement. The model beats with the manufacture hand-wound movement Caliber 13BM12AIQPR offering a whopping 5-day power reserve when fully wound. Since stopping frequently due to the depleted power reserve is not a preferable thing for Perpetual Calendar feature watches, the 5-day power reserve becomes more meaningful. The movement, which operates at a frequency of 4Hz, consists of 489 parts. Let me remind you that Bovet also supplies this movement to different brands using the same function. The warranty period for Bovet Virtuoso VII is 5 years.


European list prices for the model are as follows:

18K white gold model: 82,000 CHF

18K red gold model: 79,000 CHF

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