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Breitling & Bentley Partnership

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I believe, it’s safe to say Bentley stands for the real time meaning of the Ultimate Luxury Car. Brand’s glorious history began in 1919 and moved on with countless racing victories. Today, the heritage continues with the superior luxury automobiles combining highest craftsmanship and cutting edge technologies.


The story begins with the prototype manufactured by Bentley in 2002 which got into production a year later with the name Continental GT. Bearing every conceivable detail required in a pure breed GT ( Grand Touring ) class automobile, Continental GT sports a dash board entirely designed by Breitling. Undoubtedly, the partnership, started with the Breitling dash clock between the center air vents, was not limited to Bentley side only.


The mutual values and calls shared with both parts are the building blocks of that successful partnership. Bentley aims the utmost perfection for it’s automobiles. Same goes for Breitling as well. Though my humble opinion does not approve that both Bentley and Breitling bear the same “ brand class “, the two names are well associated to each other by the brands’ management and their enthusiasts.


The cutting edge technology V8 and W12 engines of Bentley have their equivalents as COSC certified calibers in Breitling time pieces. However, I am afraid that I do not agree with the press conferences by Breitling as the quality you feel when get yourself in a Bentley is way more than what you feel when you wear a Breitling time piece on your wrist. 


One of the interesting details is the similarity between the brands’ logos. A big B in the center and wings on both sides. The logos express the products’ un-listed specs as nobleness, quality, inaccessibility and more..



Breitling designed and manufactured a variety of products regarding this partnership. There are some models on the current product line as well which are easily distinguished by the “ Breitling for Bentley “ indication on the dial among some visual details about the automobiles.


In order to highlight the sporty character, all Bentley models have chronograph calibers. Some models feature amazing details inspired by the cars.


In fact, Breitling is mostly remembered with it’s aviation themed time pieces. The brand itself supports the same sense by using the motto “ Instruments for Professionals “. However, Breitling for Bentley models ( excluding Continental GT ) feature a boosted sportiness compared to the dignified and graceful presence of the cars.


On the other hand some models in the Breitling for Bentley product line are gladly appreciated  not only by Bentley but the entire horological world. 



The latest product of the partnership created a tremendous impact. The SUV class “ Benteyga “ which was recently launched by Bentley, sports a Breitling clock on the dash board. Interestingly, Bentley has an option for a dash clock featuring Tourbillon caliber. That recent development may not ring a bell at first blush but, I am sure your jaw will drop when you hear the fact that the price of that optional clock is almost same with the car’s MSRP..!

At the end of the day, it’s called “ luxury “ for a reason, right..? 


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