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Bulgari Berries in WitchWatch’s Eyes


While looking at this beauty, I keep asking myself who are those lucky women actually having a Berries watch. Helloo ladies, where are you?!! Do you really exist or shall we keep admiring them at boutiques instead of a ladies wrist?  

It is unfortunate not to see those kinds of watches often. Nobody resist the obvious reasons like being rare makes them valuable, not easy to buy although reachable at boutiques, they are not usually for daily wear, etc. etc…

But it also makes me think that, maybe women’s watches and interests are more limited or stucked into same brands and same styles than men in a way we never thought before.


I am sure there are a number of women, in fact more than we consider, who are able to buy those watches but how many of them prefer a jewelry watch like this?

Do we really have a life style as we share at our instagram accounts? Or we just “act” like we have one.  I wonder how many of these phenomenon’s watches, which they share every day, are their own.

Bulgari-Berries-102007-4.jpg Bulgari-Berries-102007-5.jpg

Look at that Bulgari. This watch tells about itself very well, no words needed to describe its beauty. Gem set design is elegant, chosen colors and placing of the gems gives as sophisticated look but I can’t avoid myself wondering how many of them are sold in five years. How many women are as sophisticated as this timepiece?


Complications show the hard work on both design and technique. I don’t want to confess but I have to say that it took me few seconds to understand how minute jumps from 60 to 00. When I got how it worked, I thought that it is nice to see that modern touch in a classic watch. This complication makes the watch something else besides being a piece of jewelry. I felt like jumping from the old century to modern times.


It is a pity not having a chance to listen a woman with a taste. Why she has chosen that watch? Did she check other models and brands before deciding to buy this one? But when it comes to women, unfortunately it is not easy to hear their opinions about their watches. Not because they don’t have a word to say, it is because they are never asked to.


Except ambassadors’ boring speeches who always say what is written on the text given by the brands. Are there anybody who ever listened what they say?? I did once! I watched Adriana Lima talking about a model in a watch event and it was really embarrassing to see how she was unaware of what she said! Too sad for this beauty.

What do they want us to do? To look at those timepieces like the way that men look at Adriana? 

If I were the designer - attention; I didn’t say “the seller” - of the Berries with 50K USD price with all these diamonds and sapphires, I would like to know feelings of the person who decided to wear my design.

Bulgari-Berries-102007-13.jpg Bulgari-Berries-102007-9.jpg

This Bulgari watch is like an art piece to me. This is the reason why I would buy it. Feelings are more important for you when you buy a painting for thousands of dollars and for the artist who gains inspiration to create more.

I find Bulgari Berries kind of watches as masterpieces which you can carry on. It is all about the way you look at it. You can be a person who sees it like just a portrait hanging on a wall or a masterpiece which is worth to spend more than money like time, care and culture.

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