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Christie’s Welcomes Horobox Inside


Horobox Inside group, which was founded to bring together the watch collectors and enthusiasts under the same roof through exclusively arranged events, realized its fourth meeting recently.

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During the event that was hosted by the world-famous auction house Christie’s, our Editor in Chief Serdar OAL and our editor Burak BAYRAM talked about the latest trends and happenings that guide the watchmaking industry after the SIHH and Baselworld 2018 exhibitions that we left behind.


Afterwards, Christie’s Auction House – Watch Expert Mr. Remy JULIA’s briefing about the presence and the importance of vintage watches in today’s watch hobby is highly appreciated. Following the Mr. Julia’s briefing full of valuable information regarding the tips and tricks about collecting vintage watches, the night that took place at the House of Brothers – Istanbul, welcomed delightful watch talks and stories.


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We have thus far left behind the fourth meeting of Horobox Inside group, which we set up to gather watch enthusiasts together and make our watch hobby that brought us under the same roof more enjoyable by sharing our passion. We would like to thank our dear friends for being with us as well as Christie’s Auction House and Mr. Rémy JULIA for his informative briefing and un-matched experience about collecting vintage watches.

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If you would like to be part of the Horobox Inside group and meet watch enthusiasts like you, just send an e-mail to


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