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CODE 11.59 by Audemars Piguet

Le Brassus manufacturer Audemars Piguet introduced its new collection CODE 11.59 as part of SIHH 2019 novelties. CODE 11.59 watches, which are not similar to any of the models they produced before, shape the future of the brand with the innovations in the case, dial and movement.

audemars-piguet-code-1159-automatic-1.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-perpetual-calendar-2.jpg

audemars-piguet-code-1159-chronograph-1.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-selfwinding-flying-tourbillon-1.jpg

The meaning of the word octagonal is great for Audemars Piguet. With its iconic Royal Oak and the following offshore collections, it has a unique position in the sector with its legendary angular bezel designs in the watchmaking world. When we look at CODE 11.59, it is seen from the upper side that the flawless rounded frame leaves the side to an octagonal shape. Combined with the unique lug design, we have an extra ordinary Audemars Piguet model family.

audemars-piguet-code-1159-perpetual-calendar-3.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-selfwinding-2.jpg

audemars-piguet-code-1159-selfwinding-1.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-automatic-3.jpg

All watches in the series are made with a case size of 41mm. Audemars Piguet refuses to market the CODE 11.59 with men’s or women’s watches collection and claims that it has comfort oriented design details that can fit into every wrist. Another striking feature of the CODE 11.59 series is the crystal. Double-curved sapphire crystals combined with the thin bezel provide a perfectly clear image.

audemars-piguet-code-1159-chronograph-3.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-perpetual-calendar-1.jpg


audemars-piguet-code-1159-repeater-supersonnerie.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-selfwinding-flying-tourbillon-3.jpg

The CODE 11.59 family comes with new movements put in to the new cases. Caliber 4302 with a date complication only is composed of 257 parts, with 32 jewels, beats at 28800vph and offers a power reserve of 70 hours. The Caliber 4401 equipped with a flyback chronograph is activated by the column-wheel system and has a power reserve of 70 hours. Finally, Caliber 2950 with flying tourbillon complication consists of 270 parts, operates at 21600vph and has a power reserve of 65 hours.

audemars-piguet-code-1159-chronograph-2.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-selfwinding-flying-tourbillon-2.jpg

audemars-piguet-code-1159-tourbillon-openworked-1.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-tourbillon-openworked-2.jpg

All models will be available in 18-carat white and red gold options. Audemars Piguet targets a total production capacity of 2000 for the CODE 11.59 family, which consists of 13 separate references for this year.

audemars-piguet-code-1159-selfwinding-3.jpg audemars-piguet-code-1159-chronograph-4.jpg

The reference numbers of the watches and the list prices are as follows;

Automatic, Red Gold Case, White Dial - Ref. 15210 OR.OO.A099CR.01 - $ 26,800

Automatic, Red Gold Case, Black Dial - Ref. 15210 OR.OO.A002CR.01 - $ 26,800

Automatic, White Gold Case, Blue Dial - Ref. 15210 BC.OO.A321CR.01 - $ 26,800

Automatic, Red Gold Case, Black Dial - Ref. 15210 BC.OO.A002CR.01 - $ 26,800

Automatic Chronograph, Red Gold Case, Blue Dial - Ref. 26393 OR.OO.A321CR.01 - $ 42,400

Automatic Chronograph, Red Gold Case, Black Dial - Ref. 26393 OR.OO.A002CR.01 - $ 42,400

Automatic Chronograph, White Gold Case, Blue Dial - Ref. 26393 BC.OO.A321CR.01 - $ 42,400

Perpetual Calendar, Red Gold Case, Adventurine Dial - Ref. 26394 OR.OO.D321CR.01 - $ 74,500

Automatic Tourbillon, White Gold Case, Smoked Blue Enamel Dial - Ref. 26396 BC.OO.D321CR.01 - CHF 129,000

Automatic Tourbillon, Red Gold Case, Black Mine Dial - Ref. 26396OR.OO.D002CR.01 - CHF 129,000

Skeleton Tourbillon, Red Gold Case - Ref. 26600 OR.OO.D002CR.01 - CHF 175,000

Minute Repeater Supersonnerie, White Gold Case, Smoked Blue Enamel Dial - Ref. 26395 BC.OO.D321CR.01 - CHF 295,000

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