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4 Watch Master’s Choices


Quadran, who has just opened it’s new boutique in İstinye Park AVM, welcomed it’s exclusive guests featuring well known watch aficionados and press members with a special lunch meeting at Emporio Armani Cafe.

While we had the opportunity to see the important figures of Turkey’s watch society, we asked four top watch enthusiasts to pick up a watch from Quadran’s present collection and share thoughts about their choices.

Let’s see what did those four watch aficionados tell us...

Serdar OAL (Horobox - Executive Editor)


Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre Unique Travel Time


I mostly go for the versatile watches. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s latest series of Unique Travel Time is a well rounded, versatile watch with a lot of wrist presence. It can either match with a nice suit or just a pair of jeans. I also like the second time zone feature which I find one of the most useful complications in luxury time pieces.

Oktay TUTUŞ (GQ Magazine – Watch Editor)


Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon


I always find moon phase indicators fascinating. Arnold & Son takes the lead here and presents the most beautiful aperture for this feature. 42mm case diameter is optimal for a relatively small wrist like mine. Despite the oversized moon figure on the dial, the watch keeps it’s simple and elegant form making it a perfectly versatile option for day and night.

Beran TOKSÖZ (QP Magazine – Executive Editor)


Vacheron Constantin - Harmony Dual Time


I go with the Vacheron Constantin here. I like the Harmony Dual Time model a lot for several reasons; I have a soft spot for Cushion shaped cases.  40mm diameter case is optimal for wearing comfort for small wrists like mine and it’s a well balanced size for a modern dress watch as well. Dual Time is definitely an important feature as I travel a lot. 18K white gold case on the other hand, offers luxury blended in a less flashy manner.

Ahmet AYDIN ( @Watchmania )


Zenith - Academy Georges Favre-Jacot


I admire Zenith. The Academy Georges Favre-Jacot model, which has been produced to celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary, successfully expresses Zenith’s present place among watch making especially pointing out the brand’s power in designing movements. I would definitely want to see this stunning time piece in my collection.

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