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For the Love of Watches and Whiskey

Horobox Inside members met with the gentlemen's club Brothers, to talk about the special tastes of Chivas and the best examples of luxury watchmaking.

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Every kind of job shares the same values when it's done with care and passion.  It doesn't matter if you are making a watch, a guitar or whiskey…  A touch of the brush on the canvas, a scratch on the dial, an engraving on the case, planning, designing, deciding the temperature for the whiskey to float in, type of wood for the barrels and looking forward to the result. If you care about what you do, you'll see that it shares the same emotions with others despite being different in terms of profession. Like the masters of the Swiss luxury watchmaking, the House of Brothers is a club formed by Chivas Regal, a whiskey brand that does its job with passion.

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The House of Brothers is a members-only club of visceral gentlemen who select its members with reference. ‘Brothers’ come together at this club in Maçka to talk about and share their whiskey knowledge, arrange whiskey tastings and organize events.

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Under normal circumstances, women are not accepted to this House of Brothers. Well, it’s called ‘Brothers’. However, the ladies who had the chance to taste this mystical atmosphere through special events had the chance to listen to the Scottish culture blended with whiskey from Brothers and luxury watches from Horobox Inside members.

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During the night arranged exclusively for the Horobox Inside members, the most select blends of Chivas are experienced along the Brothers, where the Inside members matched those special whiskeys to their special timepieces.

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At the event, where much valuable information was given like how different whiskeys of Chivas were obtained, how they are floated, the types of whiskey, how it is consumed and how long does it float, Horobox Inside members shared their matching whiskey and watches.

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