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Harry Winston Avenue Classic Moon Phase (Ref. AVEQMP21WW001)

Dazzling diamonds, elegant design, impressive complications... Harry Winston Avenue Classic Moon Phase blends the brand's most popular motifs gracefully.


Blue, which we encounter quite often in luxury watchmaking, is more than just a color for Harry Winston. This color became the core of the brand when the American jeweler bought the legendary 45.52-carat blue Apple of Hope diamond in 1949. The two-tone blue scheme of the Harry Winston Avenue Classic Moon Phase model also carries this sparkly essence to the wrists. The two-tone dynamic scheme of the mother-of-pearl dial painted by hand reflects the light, revealing shapes similar to the clouds floating in the sky. The sun's rays (diamonds), which seem to be scattered from the Harry Winston logo at 12 o'clock, are growing towards the edges. The contrast that dark blue creates with light blue offers a background that resembles a movie scene for the diamond clusters that adorn the dial.


The clustering technique used by the brand in the Avenue Classic Moon Phase model was developed by Winston in the early 1940s to purify the gemstones from their static and traditional expressions. Diamonds cut in different shapes such as drop, marquise, and round were placed at different angles by Harry Winston and brought movement and liveliness. The dial of this model is decorated with 49 diamonds using clustering technique and an emerald cut logo made of 18K gold.


The moon phase indicator is located in the window placed at 6 o'clock. Just below the display is the small second hand, again surrounded by diamonds.


Harry Winston Avenue Classic Moon Phase (Ref. AVEQMP21WW001) comes in an 18K white gold case measuring 21.4 x 36.1mm. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating rises on the dial. The case, decorated with 29 diamonds, resists water pressure up to 30 meters.


The model has another version with an 18K rose gold case (Ref. AVEQMP21RR001) as well. These models, located under the Avenue Collection, are home to about 2.35 carats and 84 diamonds.

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Avenue Classic Moon Phase models, powered by Quartz movements, are complemented by a leather strap and a six-diamond clasp compatible with the case material.

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