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Vacheron Constantin Reference 57264


The Reference 57260 Watch has been entirely designed and produced by three Vacheron Constantin watchmakers who have dedicated themselves to this project for eight years, assisted by our special orders team. This grand complication watch is testament to 260 years of craftsmanship driven by the pursuit of excellence. 

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Designed in keeping with classic watchmaking principles that have been updated with innovative 21st century techniques, this is the world’s most complicated watch. Its incredible combination of complications and time measurement functions meets the exacting criteria of the Hallmark of Geneva certification. 

Perseverance was key to producing the most complicated watch in the world, which also called for an unprecedented mastery of mathematics and watchmaking.


Producing tailor-made complicated watches is a tradition at Vacheron Constantin. The Reference 57260 Watch is part of a lineage of exceptional creations that have marked the history of Vacheron Constantin since its inception.

The Hallmark of Geneva is an exclusive certification of traditional Swiss workmanship. It is issued by an independent organization. Vacheron Constantin first applied for the Hallmark of Geneva in 1901, making it one of the few Manufactures to have committed to excellence at such an early stage.


From design to production, the 57260 Watch dazzles with irreproachable mastery of these rigorous quality criteria.

The Hallmark of Geneva assures the client that the watch has been assembled, timed and cased in Geneva and that it will be handled only by guarantors of the age-old Swiss tradition of technical and aesthetic savoir-faire in watchmaking.


The rigorous criteria applied to the production and finishing of each component are a gage of long-term functionality and reliability.

Running tests guarantee the precision of the Reference 57260 Watch: a setting check is conducted under simulated handling conditions.

The Hallmark of Geneva guarantees the extremely high quality of the components in terms of production, finishing and assembly in keeping with the principles of traditional fine watchmaking.

Reference: 57260/000G-B046

  • Material: White gold

  • Diameter: 98 mm

  • Thickness: 50.55 mm

Caliber 3750

  • Diameter: 72 mm
  • Thickness: 36 mm
  • Number of components: Over 2,800
  • Number of jewels: 242
  • Frequency: 2.5Hz / 18,000 vibrations per hour
  • Power Reserve: 60 hours
  • Number of complications: 57

57complications_back.png 57complications_front.png

All fifty-seven complications by function

  • 6 time measurement functions
    • 1. Hours, minutes, seconds, average solar time (regulator)
    • 2. Three-shaft tourbillon
    • 3. Tourbillon regulator with spherical balance spring
    • 4. 12-hour time zone, second hours and minutes time zone
    • 5. 24-city display for each time zone
    • 6. Day/night indication for 12-hour time zone
  • 7 perpetual calendar functions
    • 7. Gregorian perpetual calendar
    • 8. Gregorian day name
    • 9. Gregorian month name
    • 10. Gregorian retrograde date
    • 11. Leap year and four-year cycle display
    • 12. Number of the day of the week (ISO 8601 calendar)
    • 13. Week to view (ISO 8601 calendar)
  • 8 Hebrew calendar functions
    • 14. Hebrew perpetual calendar and 19-year cycle
    • 15. Hebrew day number
    • 16. Hebrew month name
    • 17. Hebrew date
    • 18. Hebrew secular calendar
    • 19. Hebrew century, decade and year
    • 20. Age of Hebrew year (12 or 13 months)
    • 21. Golden number (19 years)
  • 9 astronomical calendar functions
    • 22. Seasons, equinoxes, solstices and signs of the Zodiac indicated by the hand on the sun
    • 23. Star chart (for the owner’s city)
    • 24. Sidereal time hours
    • 25. Sidereal time minutes
    • 26. Equation of time
    • 27. Sunrise times (for the owner’s city)
    • 28. Sunset times (for the owner’s city)
    • 29. Length of day (for the owner’s city)
    • 30. Length of night (for the owner’s city)
  • 1 lunar calendar function
    • 31. Moon phases and age (one correction every 1,027 years)
  • 1 religious calendar function
    • 32. Date of Yom Kippur
  • 4 column wheel chronograph functions
    • 33. Retrograde seconds chronograph (one column wheel)
    • 34. Retrograde split-seconds chronograph (one column wheel)
    • 35. Hours counter (one column wheel)
    • 36. Minutes counter
  • 7 alarm functions
    • 37. Alarm with its own gong and gradual striking
    • 38. Alarm strike / silence indicator
    • 39. Choice of normal alarm or carillon striking alarm indicator
    • 40. Alarm mechanism coupled to the carillon striking mechanism
    • 41. Alarm striking with choice of Grande or Petite Sonnerie
    • 42. Alarm power-reserve indication
    • 43. System to disengage the striking mechanism when alarm barrel fully unwound
  • 8 Westminster carillon striking functions
    • 44. Westminster carillon chiming with 5 gongs and 5 hammers
    • 45. Grande Sonnerie passing strike
    • 46. Petite Sonnerie passing strike
    • 47. Minute repeating
    • 48. Night silence feature (10 p.m. to 8 a.m.)
    • 49. System to disengage the striking barrel when fully wound
    • 50. Indication for Grande or Petite Sonnerie modes
    • 51. Indication for silence / striking / night modes
  • 6 other functions
    • 52. Movement power reserve indicator
    • 53. Power-reserve indication for the striking train
    • 54. Winding crown position indicator
    • 55. Dual barrel winding system
    • 56. Time setting in two positions and two directions
    • 57. Secret mechanism (opening of the button for alarm arbor)

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