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Horobox Annual Get Together 2018


This year’s Horobox Annual Get Together took place at one of the popular venues of Istanbul, Park Şamdan. During the event, where we hosted our dear friends from the watch industry, Ms. Işık GÜRDAL (Board Member) of TOÇEV (Tüvana Child Education Foundation) were also present.


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Our Horobox adventure, which started about 3.5 years ago, continues at full throttle. This year’s Horobox Annual Get Together, which took place at Park Şamdan, hosted both pleasant and proud moments. During the night where we shared our success that we had with great efforts, we talked about Horobox’s current and up-coming projects as well with our dear friends from the industry.


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We also gave information about Horobox’s up-coming projects, which we plan to share with exclusive contents and guests.


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“While we are pleased to leave behind a year full of success without compromising our fresh, original and un-biased content, we did not neglect to fulfill our social responsibilities as much as we could.”


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With donations we made on behalf of our dear friends who were participated in our Annual Get Together this year, we helped TOÇEV (Tüvana Child Education Foundation), which has been operating since 1994 in order to provide a better future for our children.


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Another star of the night was undoubtedly our very first limited-edition timepiece Arnold & Son Globetrotter Horobox Limited Edition model. Limited to a span of 5 units only, the model was highly appreciated by the guests with its exclusive details that refer to our homeland Turkey.


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We would like to thank all our friends who were with us in this special night and hope that 2019 will be a year full of peace and success for all of us.

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