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Horobox Traditional Year-End Celebration 2019

Horobox celebrated the upcoming New Year with its close friends at Park Şamdan days before 2020.

Horobox's traditional year-end celebration took place in Park Şamdan, one of Istanbul's popular venues. In the night, which was juiced up by the participation of our dear friends from the watch industry, we also collaborated with TOÇEV (Foundation for Education of Children), which has been active in our country since 1994, to support children’s education.


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Our Horobox adventure, which we started in 2015, continues at full throttle. During the celebration, which we had the fourth one this year, we had both fun and pride moments. In the night we shared our achievements we had with great efforts, we talked about Horobox's current projects and plans for the future.

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Being the only digital media about watches in Turkey that broadcasts in two different languages Horobox simultaneously, we provide information about activities and new projects with guests soon.

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“We have the proud and joy of leaving behind another year full of successes in our broadcasting life, which we continue without compromising our current, original and non-biased content goal and share with our friends. We farewell to 2019, where we have left behind many foreign websites and signed under different projects.”


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Another star of the night, where we celebrated Horobox's editor-in-chief Serdar OAL's birthday as a surprise, was our new limited edition watch project: HYT H05 Horobox Limited Edition. Limited to a span of 5 units only, the model will be available in the coming days.

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We would like to thank all our friends who did not leave us alone on this special night while leaving another year, where we strengthen our presence in the watch sector. We hope that 2020 will be a year of peace and success for all of us.


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