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Horobox x Grand Seiko Get Together

Horobox brought together Horobox Inside and other group members, aiming to gather real watch enthusiasts under the same roof, with an enjoyable event. The event hosted by Grand Seiko and Aydın Saat (the Turkey distributor of the brand) in addition to Horobox, gave the participants unforgettable moments.

As in almost every hobby, the love of watches also increases and becomes more arbitrary as it is shared. As Horobox, one of our goals throughout our broadcasting life, which we have been continuing since 2015, was to bring real watch enthusiasts who share this hobby with exclusive and quality events. On this path that we started as the Horobox Inside group, we have signed many valuable events as well as many limited production watch models.


The most recent of these enjoyable organizations was the event where we brought together Horobox Inside and other group members with important information about Grand Seiko and new models. Our friends from Aydın Saat, the representative of the brand in our country, were also present at the event, where the distinguished atmosphere of Percy Bar, located on the terrace floor of Azur, one of the most frequented places of Yeniköy, accompanied by the unique Bosphorus view.

grand-seiko-horobox-bulusmasi-7.jpg grand-seiko-horobox-bulusmasi-3.jpg

At the event, where key information about Grand Seiko and the philosophy of the brand were shared with the participants by Aydın Saat officials, the 2023 novelties of Grand Seiko were also revealed.

grand-seiko-horobox-bulusmasi-4.jpg grand-seiko-horobox-bulusmasi-6.jpg

We would like to thank Aydın Saat for the perfect hosting and usual support and leave you with photos from the enjoyable event.

grand-seiko-horobox-bulusmasi-8.jpg grand-seiko-horobox-bulusmasi-9.jpg


grand-seiko-horobox-bulusmasi-11.jpg grand-seiko-horobox-bulusmasi-12.jpg


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