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Horological App for Smartphones


The application, designed by Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie and compatible with iOS / Android operating systems, contains a lot of practical information and explanation about horology.


The application, published by the Swiss "Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie", offers a lot of practical information and explanations that can be useful for industry professionals, especially retailers, as well as watch enthusiasts who are new to the world of horology. The application, including watchmaking terminology, explanations for various features, history of watchmaking and other related topics can be downloaded free of charge.


The application called The Watch Essentials consists of 9 different categories. There are 3 to 9 subtitles under each main category. Each subtitle contains 10 different questions on average. In order to move on in the application, it is necessary to go through the sections prepared in the form of questions and answers. Beginning with questions that can be considered simple for experienced watch aficionados; the application continues with more professional sub-titles and ends with the last sub-title called Quiz.


You can download The Watch Essentials from the link below, which is a very successful application with its user friendly menu, well chosen categories and questions that appeal almost every level of watch enthusiast.

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