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Hublot Arsham Droplet Pocket Watch

Daniel Arsham's Vision Meets Horological Mastery: The Hublot Arsham Droplet


In the world of horology, the pocket watch is often seen as a relic of the past. However, when reimagined by the renowned artist Daniel Arsham, celebrated for his concept of “fictional archaeology,” the pocket watch transcends time itself. Enter the Hublot Arsham Droplet: a mechanical marvel that seamlessly blends the past, present, and future into a singular, captivating form.

hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-2.jpg hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-3.jpg

Inspired by organic, fluid shapes, the Arsham Droplet is a testament to the interplay of space, color, shadow, and light. Measuring 73.2mm in length, 52.6mm in width, and 22.5mm in thickness, its construction features two droplet-shaped crystals encased within a lustrous, microblasted titanium frame. The assembly is protected by rubber bumpers in Arsham’s signature green, each embossed with the artist's monogram. This intricate architecture, boasting 17 O-ring seals and Hublot H-shaped screws, ensures water resistance up to 30 meters.

hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-4.jpg hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-5.jpg

hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-6.jpg hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-7.jpg

Transparency is at the heart of the Hublot Arsham Droplet. It houses the hand-wound Meca-10 calibre, a marvel of precision engineering with a remarkable 10-day power reserve powered by parallel twin barrels. This in-house movement is complemented by a digital indicator, allowing users to easily monitor the remaining autonomy.

hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-8.jpg hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-9.jpg

Versatility defines this exceptional piece. Thanks to Hublot’s one-click interchangeability system, the Droplet can be enjoyed in three distinct ways: attached to a titanium pocket watch chain, worn as a pendant on a titanium necklace, or displayed as a stunning table clock on its sculptural glass and titanium stand.

hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-10.jpg hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-11.jpg

hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-12.jpg hublot-arsham-droplet-pocket-watch-13.jpg

Limited to just 99 pieces, the Hublot Arsham Droplet is a fusion of art and horology, offering a unique glimpse into the future of timekeeping. For more information, visit [Hublot’s website](

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