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Hublot Baselworld 2017 Novelties (Live Pictures)


Hublot, one of the most noteworthy brands of Baselworld 2017, once again admired the watch enthusiasts with their latest novelties. Especially the models which were created through collaboration with Italia Independent and Ferrari were among the most talked about timepieces of the exhibition.

As a matter of fact, I do not know where to start this article as many new models added to the collection like every year. I do not know about Hublot design team’s work pace but, it is really a big workload to design so many models every year and make them ready for production.

That’s exactly where my thoughts for the brand have changed. Despite the models that I liked among the Hublot Collection, my general idea about the brand was a bit on the negative side. I thought that besides their beautiful timepieces, they were ruining the brand image with unnecessary (ugly looking) models. When I went to their exhibition booth and saw the models in person, my respect for the brand also increased. They still continue to produce models that seem unnecessary to me, but I decided to focus on what I liked.

Let’s take a look at the novelties at the Hublot booth. The models, which were created in collaboration with Ferrari and offered in three different case materials, were among the most beautiful timepieces not for Hublot only but for the entire Baselworld 2017 (excluding the price parameter!).


The entire design of the models created for the 70th anniversary of Ferrari was made by Ferrari. All models are offered in 45mm diameter cases and limited to 70 pieces per version only. The new models produced from alternative materials like Titanium, King Gold and Peek Carbon feature a new and extra ordinary case design looks more like a cage. The success of the Ferrari’s design team is evident in the beauty of the new models.

Let’s leave the Ferrari collection aside which you will find a detailed review in Horobox as soon as possible and take a look at the new Italia Independent models. The first group from the collection is the one that we have mentioned before the exhibition which attracted attention with the use of the very same fabrics in the dials and straps.


The second group from the Italia Independent Collection is for ladies. The new models from the collaboration features this year’s popular fabric “velvet” which was also used in Italia Independent sun glasses.


hublot-big-bang-one-click-italia-independent-3.jpg hublot-big-bang-one-click-italia-independent-2.jpg

In the past, we have witnessed the cooperation of Berluti and Hublot brands. After the success of the very first versions introduced with black and brown dials, a third model with a blue dial was introduced. The series, which is a part of the Classic Fusion collection, has been updated with new chronograph versions.

hublot-classic-fusion-berluti-chronograph-1.jpg hublot-classic-fusion-berluti-chronograph-2.jpg

We have seen Hublot timepieces designed in collaboration with Depeche Mode at the past. The skeletonized chronograph version from the Big Bang collection is limited to 250 units only. The famous group, which performed a small concert during the exhibition, pointed attention to the clean water scarcity in developing countries through this event.

hublot-big-bang-depeche-mode-1.jpg hublot-big-bang-depeche-mode-2.jpg


Another model introduced at Baselworld 2017 is UNICO Sapphire Blue & Red from the Big Bang collection. The model, introduced with a colorless sapphire case in the past years, has got its red and blue versions this year.

hublot-big-bang-unico-sapphire-blue-1.jpg hublot-big-bang-unico-sapphire-red-1.jpg


Hublot MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-Axis is one of the other notable models introduced during Baselworld 2017. The model is offered in two different case materials. The Titanium version is limited to 50 units and the King Gold version is limited to 20 units only. Just like the new models in the Ferrari collection, the MP-09 is also a timepiece that would better be explained in a detailed review. Below are a few photos of MP-09 which we will be presenting at with a full detailed review.

hublot-MP-09-Tourbillon-Bi-Axis-3-.jpg hublot-MP-09-Tourbillon-Bi-Axis-6-.jpg

Finally I leave you with Hublot Big Bang Full Diamond model which we had a shot at our Executive Editor Serdar Oal. Hopefully, he adds that amazing timepiece to his post-Baselworld shopping list.


hublot-big-bang-full-diamond-3.jpg hublot-big-bang-full-diamond-4.jpg

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