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In Corporation with Garage Italia: Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink (Ref. 441.UP.7320.NR.GIT20)

Garage Italia's skillful design meets the charm of pink: Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink!


The world is changing. So are the meanings we attribute to tastes and colors. Proceeding with the 'Art of Fusion' motto and creating different designs with unusual collaborations, Hublot is very brave in these designs. Ultimately 'setting fashion' requires courage.

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The fashion of the last period, which I think took so long to happen, the genderless designs... This way of thinking, which has become more evident in many sectors from clothes to accessories, from jewelry to watches, has also started to show itself in luxury watchmaking. ‘Is this new? Men have been interested in jewelry watches for a very long time’ you may say. It's not new that precious stones paired with women's accessories come together with luxury watchmaking to decorate men's wrists. The use of green, orange, red, and even yellow is not new either. But let's face it, the use of pink, which has found a place for itself in baby girls' rooms and clothes for decades, criticized by saying “are you a baby girl?” when used in women's clothes, being used with a genderless design at 19,900 CHF, in such a bold tone, IS new.

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Used in the Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink model, this color is powder pink or pastel for some, beige and salmon for others, and a subtle mix of apricot and grapefruit for others. Millennial Pink, which is very interesting and difficult to define, at least for me, takes its place in luxury watchmaking as a candidate to be the symbol of a completely new generation, which is not in the exclusive world of women or men. This particular tone carries the DNA of a fresh, vibrant, and vibrant young vision, pointing to a seismic shift that could change the status quo.

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Designed in partnership with Garage Italia, Big Bang Millennial Pink's 42mm case, made of modern, light aluminum, unisex and monochrome material, has been adonized and matted. The case is resistant to water pressure up to 100 meters, which allows you to be with one of the most interesting watches around while on the beach or swimming. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating rises on the dial.

441-up-7320-nr-git20-hublot-big-bang-millennial-pink-3.jpg 441-up-7320-nr-git20-hublot-big-bang-millennial-pink-5.jpg

Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink is powered by the automatic movement HUB1280 UNICO, which provides 72 hours of power reserve when fully wound.


The model comes with two different straps. The first of these is the rubber. On the strap, there is a decorative layer made of 'millennial pink' aluminum, anodized and matted like the case, and is completed with a titanium buckle. The other is made of a mixture of Velcro and knitted PES fabric and complemented by a 'millennial pink' aluminum buckle. These two straps can be easily replaced with Hublot's patented "One Click" system.

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