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Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Magic Ref. 411.CF.8513.RX


Hublot, who likes to push the limits in using alternative material in accordance with their "Art of Fusion" motto, introduced a new limited edition model Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Magic sporting a vibrant red colored ceramic case.


Noteworthy for its striking red color, the new model is made of a new ceramic alloy patented by Hublot. The new alloy, which offers a more rigid structure than the normal ceramics apart from the vibrant color tone, has also been brought to the maximum level against the corrosive factors coming from the outside. Developed entirely by Hublot R & D Department, this alloy has been finalized in a series of processes under high pressure and heat.

411-cf-8513-rx-hublot-big-bang-unico-red-magic-4-.jpg 411-cf-8513-rx-hublot-big-bang-unico-red-magic-6-.jpg

Having opted for an eye-catching red tone to announce this invention, which is of utmost importance for the watchmaking industry, Hublot is proud to offer another first to the world of luxury watches. The new model, which is the product of a four-year R & D cycle, looks absolutely dazzling.

411-cf-8513-rx-hublot-big-bang-unico-red-magic-1-.jpg 411-cf-8513-rx-hublot-big-bang-unico-red-magic-7-.jpg

Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Magic, which belongs to the brand’s flagship Big Bang Collection, is limited to a span of 500 units only. The new comes in the classic 45mm Big Bang style case made of red ceramic. Powered by the in-house Caliber Unico HUB1242, the model sports a red dial in line with the concept with big red Arabic numeral hour markers and hands. Hublot Big Bang Unico Red Magic comes on a black and red lined structured rubber strap.

411-cf-8513-rx-hublot-big-bang-unico-red-magic-5-.jpg 411-cf-8513-rx-hublot-big-bang-unico-red-magic-2-.jpg

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