alexa 511.NX.6670.LR.OPX17 | Fuente Edition Titanium | Classic Fusion | Hublot | Video Review | Horobox

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Hublot Classic Fusion Fuente Edition Titanium Video Review Ref. 511.NX.6670.LR.OPX17

In line with its "Art of Fusion" motto, HUBLOT, which continues to offer new models that bring together alternative and new materials as well as collaborating with celebrities and well-known brands, was the guest of our video interview section on Horobox TV with its Hublot Classic Fusion Fuente Edition Titanium (Ref. 511.NX.6670.LR.OPX17) model which is mutually designed with the famous cigar manufacturer Arturo Fuente.

Here is the video review of the model, which offers a visual feat to all watch enthusiasts with its exclusive decoration, with our executive editor Serdar OAL…

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