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HYT: Beyond Watchmaking SIHH 2016


We had the opportunity to have an interview with 2015’s rising exotic star HYT’s CEO Mr.Vincent Perriard at SIHH 2016.


Vincent Perriard defines the basic principles of the HYT with a single word “ Innovation “. The innovative ideas and actions, which had been imposed with the brand’s DNA, are so successfully executed that HYT managed to have a 10% growth in its third year.

“ 2015 was a hard year for the watch industry and 2016 will be harder.. “Perriard says. In the meantime, he states the aimed growth ratio as 20% for this year. Those extra ordinary and bold explanations are of course based on an intensively team work and successful marketing strategies.


The brand keep moving forward with the investments aiming to increase the number of sales corners and to offer a product experience like no other. Undoubtedly, the feedback of those investments are directly reflected at financial statements.


The other marketing tools of the brand are youth and innovation. Perriard, who is quite successful in representing the three year old brand’s extra ordinary character, states that their clients are constantly demanding for more. The watch industry has several major brands with a history of a hundred years or more but, very few of them managed to be unique without being absurd. HYT is definitely the best example in this regard. “ Watches had been produced for centuries and liquids had always been defined as harmful for watches.. We had a different angle and made perfect contradiction. We actually put the liquid inside the movement and delivered what was expected from us in terms of perfect innovation “ says Perriard.



Another key issue to HYT’s success is their attention to the new models. Perriard mentions about eight different novelties within the year 2016 which will be presented with different schedules rather than being presented together at once in order to keep the clients’ attention and interest active. Watches being produced with different aesthetics and quite less production numbers are smart tactics for keeping the products highly exclusive.

HYT will host a number of developments in both operational and production wise. The brand who is supported by APRP Group for movements, recently acquired two master watchmakers meaning that we are going to see fully in-house movements soon with the same liquid display and higher complications.


The most significant feature of HYT’s design is the flowing liquid within the micro pipes via negative and positive pressure difference. The production of the liquid used in the system is quite a challenge for the brand. The engineers, who work frantically for a year for each color, say using multi color liquids at the same system will be possible soon.


After a brief discussion about the brand, Vincent Perriard presented several models from the SIHH 2016 launches. The highlights are the H2 Aviator model with its lightweight, H2 Tradition model combining the past and the future of watch making, H4 Alinghi model with its cutting edge technologies allowing the dial to be illuminated by a dynamo system instead of a conventional battery operating system and the Iceberg model soon to be updated with a new version after its successful sales graphics.


We also had the opportunity to have a close look at the H3 model during our visit to HYT’s stand at SIHH 2016. The case measures  62mm x 41mm x 16mm and combines PVD coated titanium and platinum. The specialty about this unique timepiece is the liquid flow moving in linear rotation instead of the circular rotation which is common on other HYT models. The flowing liquid comes back to the start point after a six hours interval while the numbers located on the four faces complete a full turn and display the next six hour peripd.


53 jeweled movement beats at 21600vph and offers 7 days power reserve when fully wound. This special timepiece which we had the opportunity to try is limited to 25 pieces only.

HTY will surely be mentioned most often for the near future with its investments. 


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