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HYT H0 Black (Ref. 048-DL-90-GF-RU)

Are you ready to read the time in the eye-catching world of fluid mechanics?


For today’s standards, wearing a wristwatch to know the time can be regarded as a luxury and even an unnecessary behavior for many. Watch enthusiasts like us, on the other hand, impose very different meanings to these masterpieces on our wrists. The importance of displaying time for these artworks often lags far behind so that we can glance at our wrist at random and turn our eyes away without knowing what time it is. The whole point is to find “the watch" that can increase the number of those random looks and our excitement.


To be frank, this is exactly how I feel about HYT watches. The brands that prefer to use alternative display methods rather than the classic hour and minute hand style have always been acclaimed with enthusiasm in the sector. HYT is one of the most successful. It’s not an easy task to make sure that you don’t compromise on utility by incorporating both art and engineering.


The HYT H0 has a very compact case size compared to the other watches of the brand. Despite its huge dimensions measuring 48.8mm in diameter and 18.7mm in height, the H0 stands out with a more comfortable design than you might have imagined, and an image that can skillfully hide its size. HYT, which provides the aforementioned success with details like the upper part without a bezel and the strap integrated with the case, gets the first and perhaps the only minus point on its side due to the thickness of the case. DLC plated components are located in many parts inside the case and dial. The case, which is equipped with a box-type sapphire crystal on the front, is water-resistant to 30 meters.

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In the dial, it is possible to see even more exciting details. Thanks to the two bellows visible through two oval windows placed at 6 o’clock position, the green liquid in the capillary tube surrounding the dial is moved and time is displayed. The big counter at 12 o’clock displays the minutes and the small round at 9:30 shows the seconds. Finally, there is a power reserve indicator at 2:30. The manufacture hand-wound caliber beats at 28800vph and offers a 65-hour power reserve. There are two different fluids in the capillary tube, which do not mix. They complete two rounds each day with the help of small cylinders. At 12 o’clock the main show starts and the green liquid comes back all the way to the starting position.

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The HYT H0 comes on a black rubber strap and a DLC-coated folding clasp made of titanium. The elastic structure of the strap and the integrated design of the case make it a pleasure to wear the watch. The amount you have to pay for this beautiful and extraordinary timepiece is 39.000 CHF. With a label that can be called affordable for the world of exotic watches, H0 manages to gain great appreciation with its, usefulness high uniqueness factor and originality.

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