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HYT H0 New Models

HYT, which breathed new life into time keeping with its exclusive liquid display style, introduced a pair of new versions for the H0 model family.

h02138-hyt-h0-red-khaki-2.jpg h02140-hyt-h0-black-grey-1.jpg

What does the beginning of time make you think of? The age of the world? Or the humankind? Time, which always had a very important role in our lives, has been measured by different units and methods for thousands of years. However, there is one brand that manages to fascinate us by using a unique technique: HYT.


HYT’s new model, H0, uses the liquid display style like other watches of the brand and expresses its commitment to three-dimensionality with its design. The brand, which continued with their work by saying, “when was the time and space satisfied with two dimensions or a perspective?” has two new H0 versions.


Both versions come in stainless steel cases measuring 48.8mm x 18.7mm. The one with the red liquid comes in an anthracite tone matt DLC coated case. The winding crown is the same color and material as the case. The front side of the case is a domed sapphire crystal, while the backside is equipped with a sapphire crystal display case back. On the khaki green dial, the figures/markers are engraved in black and green. The indices, tubes, and hands are all C7 Super-LumiNova coated in both models for better legibility under darker conditions.

h02138-hyt-h0-red-khaki-1.jpg h02140-hyt-h0-black-grey-3.jpg

The black liquid version comes in a matt micro-sandblasted black DLC case. The winding crown is again of the same color and material. Another difference from the red liquid version is that the gray color is used in the dial.


Both models are powered by the same manufacture hand-wound movement that is capable of providing 65 hours of power reserve when fully wound.

Ref. H02140 (gray dial) comes on a gray rubber strap while the Ref. H02138 (khaki dial) is equipped with a khaki rubber strap. Both straps are secured by titanium folding clasps. The list price for both versions is CHF 43,000.

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