alexa Franck JUHEL | Montblanc | Metamorphosis III | 1858 Collection | SIHH 2019 | Horobox

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Interview with Franck JUHEL of Montblanc

We had a pleasant chat with Montblanc’s young executive Mr. Franck JUHEL about the brand’s novelties, which were among the stars of SIHH 2019, and market strategies.

JUHEL is responsible for a large region including Middle East, Africa, India, Greece and Turkey. During our conversation, we have asked him about Montblanc’s approach to never-ending Heritage trend. We also had some information of the stunning Metamorphosis III which left its mark on the show. Of course, we did not forget to ask him his favorite model among the brand’s novelties introduced at the SIHH 2019.

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