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Interview With Julien TORNARE - CEO of Zenith -

Zenith, one of the heavyweights of the Swiss watchmaking industry, celebrates the 50th anniversary of its legendary mechanism family El Primero this year. Julien TORNARE – CEO of Zenith was in Istanbul as the guest of the brand’s long-term distributor in Turkey – Konyalı Saat A.Ş. as a part of his tour around the globe to mark this important occasion and meets the friends of Zenith.

TORNARE, who was the guest of our editor-in-chief Serdar OAL, answered questions about the brand before the invitation, which was held at Les Ottomans Hotel, one of the city’s sweet spots, and accompanied by Horobox Inside members as well as Konyalı Saat A.Ş. family and press.

Here we leave you with the photographs from the spectacular event held by Konyali Saat A.Ş., where Julien Tornare and our dear friends were present.

zenith-etkinlik-1.jpg zenith-etkinlik-2.jpg

zenith-etkinlik-3.jpg zenith-etkinlik-4.jpg

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