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Introducing the MCT Sequential Two S210


The atelier of MCT is located in the famous Swiss watch making region of Lake Neuchâtel. Each timepiece is hand made by a single watchmaker who follows its first assembly from the beginning to the final touch to guarantee the state of craftsmanship and post sales tracking. The Sequential Concept was a product of a mutual work by designer Eric Giroud and concept engineer Jean-Francois Mojon. What made this stunning timepiece extremely unique were its monumental hour numerals and for its mechanism arguably being the very first for sequential display. 


For Baselworld 2016, the company presents their second timepiece with a facelift: the new MCT Sequential Two S210.

The first version of MCT Sequential Two was introduced in 2014. It was a fascinating timepiece with a lot of Haute Horlogerie stuff in it however, it was offered in a square case which unfortunately limited the product’s appreciation by the fellow hi-end watch aficionados. As far as we understand, MCT evaluated the feedback properly and issued a new version in a round shape without compromising the DNA which we admired.

The new version of the MCT Sequential Two features mostly visual updates as it sports the same movement with its predecessor. The dial also looks like the 2014 version at the first glance due to having the same theme with the previous one. However, the dial is widely re-designed with distinct details.

The surface of the dial is now colored in two available options as anthracite or champagne, accompanied with a smooth look. The cross-shaped design in the center of the dial, which became a symbol for MCT, is now features sharper edges with in a more aggressive appearance. The cross-shaped part is attached to the dial via four large screws with black or blue coating.


The rest of the 2016 MCT Sequential Two S210 is shares the same details with the previous version. The round case is made of grade 5 titanium and measures 46.4mm x 15.1mm. The case also sports a sapphire crystal layer inserted in the middle of the case which allows the light directly into the movement like a perforated design.

The display of 2016 MCT Sequential Two S210 is pretty much the same as the previous versions with four modules composed of five rotating prisms. Each prism displays three numerals. A bridge located in the center with cross-shaped form jumps every hour to display the current hour together with a large central minute hand.


The new movement also features a micro-rotor which efficiently reduces the thickness.

This new version of the MC Sequential Two S210, will officially be launched during Baselworld 2016. 

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