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Hublot Istinye Park Boutique Visit


We had the privilege to see beautiful time pieces of Hublot’s current collection at the brand’s boutique in Istinye Park. 

At the first glance ladies watches caught our attention. We are pretty sure that those highly jewelled models with vivid colored dials will definitely catch ladies attention as well.

We were mostly focused on the limited edition models. The first model “ Pop Art Steel Rose “ belongs to the iconic Big Bang family. Undoubtedly, the highly praised for oversize watches effected the ladies models as well. 41Mm case diameter perfectly proves that fact.

Featuring 36 pcs of sapphires on the bezel, Pop Art Steel Rose is limited to 200pcs only.With it’s lively colored dial and strap this watch is surely an eye catcher for the ladies with a good taste for watches.

hublot_butik_pop_art_2.jpg hublot_butik_pop_art_1.jpg

The second watch is another limited edition model from the Big Bang collection “ Broderie Yellow Gold Diamonds “. I personally think this watch is way more special than the others in the collection due to it’s stitch detail on the dial and the strap. Hublot used a special method to apply those details instead of the traditional imprinting.

This model is also limited to 200pcs only.

hublot_butik_Broderie_Yellow_Gold_Diamonds_1.jpg hublot_butik_Broderie_Yellow_Gold_Diamonds_2.jpg

We skip to the men’s models.

We made a detailed review about the famous Ferrari Series therefore I will invite you to Doruk’s nicely written review of Ferrari watches here.


Our second men’s model is a spot on for cigar aficionados “ X Forbidden “. The watch’s dial features specially treated tobacco leaves. This cool details actually adds a unique personality to the watch as every tobacco leave has it’s own pattern.

Being a member of the Classic Fusion Series, the watch comes with a humidor box which matches with the tobacco theme perfectly.

X Forbidden is limited to 250pcs only.

hublot_butik_x_forbidden_1.jpg hublot_butik_x_forbidden_2.jpg

The third and the last model is designed for football fans “ Bi-Retrograde Chrono “. Thanks to it’s chronograph function the watch can measure time in 45mins intervals. Absolutely a perfect match with Hublot’s motto “ Hublot Loves Football “

hublot_butik_bi_retrograde_1.jpg hublot_butik_bi_retrograde_2.jpg

We hereby thank Istinye Park Hublot Boutique family for their utmost hospitality and brief information.

We will be more than happy to have your thoughts about the watches in the comments section placed below.

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