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İstinye Park Quadran Butik Event


Quadran, who has just opened it’s new boutique in İstinye Park AVM, welcomed it’s exclusive guests featuring well known watch aficionados and press member with a special lunch meeting at Emporio Armani Cafe.

Quadran-butik-istinye-park-3.jpg Quadran-butik-istinye-park-4.jpg

Being a member of the D-Saat Group and one of the leading names in multi brand store concept, Quadran welcomed an exclusive guest list featuring well known watch enthusiasts and press members.

Designed entirely by İlhan SİPAHİ who is well know with his work for re-defining the luxury shopping concept, the boutique aims to provide a luxury watch shopping experience to it’s clients.

Quadran-butik-istinye-park-1.jpg Quadran-butik-istinye-park-2.jpg

The boutique features utmost detailing in every aspect from the carpets specially tailored for the store to the humidor placed in the VIP room.

Please stay tune for our exclusive coverage of our visit to this beautiful boutique and five watch enthusiasts revealing their watch choices out of the boutique’s amazing collection at

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