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IWC SIHH 2018 Jubilee Collection


IWC has introduced 27 new models exclusively designed for the 150th year of the brand under SIHH 2018. In addition to the Portugieser, Portofino, Da Vinci and Pilot series there are also three new Pallweber Editions produced in limited numbers.

IWC Tribute to Pallweber 150 Years

Inspired by the digital dials of Pallweber pocket watches, the new series is offered in platinum and 18K gold cases measuring 45mm x 12mm. The dials consisting of 12 lacquered layers are absolutely dazzling.


Limited edition numbers are 25 units for the platinum model, 250 units for the 18K gold model and 500 units for the stainless steel model. All versions are powered by manufacture hand-wound Caliber 94200 with 60 hours power reserve.


All models are presented with black leather straps and the production of the straps is carried out by the Italian leather manufacturer Santoni.

IWC Portugieser Constant-Force Tourbillon Edition 150 Years

The model, which comes in a 46mm x 13.4mm platinum case, will be a 15 units limited edition timepiece with blue or white dial options.


The 41 jewels in-house Tourbillon caliber with built-in "Constant-Force" power transmission system operates at 18000vph and offers a 96 hour power reserve.

iwc-portoguiser-590202-1.jpg iwc-portoguiser-590202-2.jpg

The power reserve and the moon-phase indicator that require an adjustment every 577.5 years are only two of the most striking features of the model.

IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Edition 150 Years & Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Edition 150 Years

There are two new models, one in the perpetual calendar family of the Portugieser series with tourbillon and traditional escapement versions.

iwc-portoguiser-504501-2.jpg iwc-sihh-2018-8.jpg

The tourbillon version is limited to 50 units only and it is powered by the hand-wound Caliber 51950 with 168 hours power reserve. The new model is offered in a 18K pink gold case measuring 45mm x 15.3mm.

The other version ticks with the in-house automatic Caliber 52615 and has 7 days of power reserve. It is limited to 250 units and offered in an 18K pink gold case 44.2mm x 14.9mm.


IWC Portugieser Chronograph Edition 150 Years

One of the favorite models of the IWC for years, the Portugieser Chronograph is among the brand’s 150th anniversary novelties. The models are offered in 41mm x 13.1mm stainless steel cases with blue and white dial options. They are limited to 2000 units each.


The power reserves for the new models powered by the in-house automatic Caliber 69355 are 46 hours.


IWC Portugieser Hand-Wound Eight Days Edition 150 Years

The new model is offered in 18K pink gold (limited to 250 units) and stainless steel (limited to 1000 units) cases measuring 43.2mm x 12.2mm. They are powered by the in-house hand-wound Caliber 59215 that offers 8 days power reserve.

iwc-sihh2018-jubilee-collections-front.jpg iwc-sihh2018-jubilee-collections-front-2.jpg

The models feature power reserve indicators at the rear sides and they are offered on Santoni straps.

iwc-sihh2018-jubilee-collections-back.jpg iwc-sihh2018-jubilee-collections-back-2.jpg

IWC Portofino Hand Wound Moon Phase Edition 150 Years

The hand-wound movement and moon phase indicator featuring version of IWC’s stylish and minimalistic collection Portofino are offered in 18K gold (limited to 150 units) and stainless steel (limited to 350 units) cases measuring 45mm x 13.2mm.

iwc-Portugieser-Hand-Wound-Eight-Days-Edition-150-Years.jpg iwc-Portugieser-Hand-Wound-Eight-Days-Edition-150-Years-2.jpg

The new models are powered by the in-house self-winding Caliber 59800.

iwc-Portugieser-Hand-Wound-Eight-Days-Edition-150-Years-.jpg iwc-Portugieser-Hand-Wound-Eight-Days-Edition-150-Years-2-.jpg

IWC Portofino Chronograph Edition 150 Years & Portofino Automatic Edition 150 Years

The chronograph and the basic versions of the Portofino series are also among the novelties introduced to celebrate the brand’s 150th anniversary.

The chronograph version comes in a stainless steel case (measuring 42mm x 13.6mm) housing the automatic Caliber 79320 with 44 hours power reserve. The basic version is offered with two dial options in a stainless steel case (measuring 40mm x 9,3mm) housing the self-winding Caliber 35111.

iwc-Portofino-Chronograph-Edition-150-Years.jpg iwc-Portofino-Automatic-Edition-150-Years.jpg

Both models are limited to 2000 units.

IWC Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase 36 Edition 150 Years

The Da Vinci Automatic Moon Phase model, which is an important part of IWC’s women’s collection, has an 18-carat pink or white gold case measuring 36mm x 11.7mm and the automatic caliber 35800.

iwc-Da-Vinci-Automatic-Moon-Phase-36-Edition-150-Years-Pink-Gold.jpg iwc-Da-Vinci-Automatic-Moon-Phase-36-Edition-150-Years-White-Gold.jpg

The production will be limited to only 50 units for each case option.

IWC Da Vinci Automatic Edition 150 Years

The mode is offered in 18 carat pink gold and stainless steel cases measuring 40.4mm x 12.1mm will be limited to 250 and 500 units respectively.


IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition 150 Years

The model, which is limited to 100 units, comes in a stainless steel case measuring 46.2mm x 15.3mm.


The new model is powered by the 7 days power reserve self-winding Caliber 52850 that displays the remaining power reserve as well as the annual calendar.


IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Big Date Edition 150 Years

The new model comes in two dial options as blue and white with a limited production of 100 units per each.

iwc-sihh-2018-1.jpg iwc-sihh-2018-2.jpg

The new models are offered in stainless steel case measuring 46.2mm x 15.2mm. They are powered with the hand-wound Caliber 59235.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Edition 150 Years

The new model is offered in a stainless steel case 43mm x 15.3mm and it is limited to 1000 pieces only.


The model is powered by the automatic Caliber 79320 with a 44-hour power reserve.


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