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IWC Unveils Ceralume: The First Fully Luminous Ceramic Watch

IWC has introduced a groundbreaking innovation in luxury watchmaking with its Ceralume technology, creating the first fully luminous ceramic watch. This concept watch, however, is not yet available for purchase.


Historically, luminescent materials have been used on watch dials since the discovery of radium by Marie and Pierre Curie in 1898. Over time, safer alternatives like tritium and Super-LumiNova replaced radium. Fully luminous watch dials have become more popular recently, but fully luminous cases remain rare. Previously, Bell & Ross and Tockr have ventured into this area, but IWC's Ceralume stands out due to its innovative approach.


IWC’s engineering division, XPL, developed a new luminous ceramic compound. Unlike Bell & Ross, which uses resin, and Tockr, which employs a hydro-dipped process, IWC’s Ceralume integrates ceramic powders with high-grade Super-LumiNova pigments to create a homogeneous, luminous material. This development, which took several years, allows the watch to emit a bright bluish light for over 24 hours in dark conditions.


The Ceralume watch incorporates Super-LumiNova pigments made by RC Tritec. These pigments absorb light, store it, and then emit it as visible light repeatedly. IWC started with a conventional white ceramic compound, using zirconium oxide and other metallic oxides, to create the case for a Pilot’s Watch Chronograph 41. The watch also features a white luminescent dial and a rubber strap enriched with Super-LumiNova pigments through an injection molding process.


Currently, this watch is a concept and not for sale. For now, additional information can be found at

IWC Ceralume Spotted at Monaco GP on Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton, known for wearing special edition watches, was seen wearing the IWC Ceralume concept watch at the 2024 Monaco GP. Previously, he has been spotted with unique IWC pieces like the Full-Black IWC Big Pilot for ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the Big Pilot Perpetual Calendar Top Gun Lake Tahoe.

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