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Longines Baselworld 2018 Novelties


Longines, which is one of the most rooted and biggest watch manufacturers of Switzerland, appears before watch lovers with a lot of new models at Baselworld. The brand has added new watches to its 7 different collection. Let’s take a close look to the new pieces of the brand.

Conquest V.H.P Chronograph

We saw the first, three-handed models of the collection at the previous Baselworld fair and this year, Longines announced the Conquest V.H.P Chronograph series.

l3-717-4-96-9-conquest-v-h-p-chronograph-2-.jpg l3-717-4-66-6-conquest-v-h-p-chronograph-2-.jpg

The brand's history in quartz watches goes back a long way. Longines had produced its first quartz caliber in 1954 and the brand keeps producing new mechanisms with the expertise that comes from the years of experience. In 2017, as the fruits of all of these labor, V.H.P mechanisms appeared on the stage. In 2018, the mechanism with the same technical features met with the chronograph function.


Technical properties:

Reference                        : L3.717.2/4.56/66/76/96.6/9                  Ø42.00 mm

                                        : L3.727.2/4.56/66/76/96.6/9                  Ø44.00mm

Caliber                            : Quartz      L289.2 (ETA E57.211)

Case                                : Round, Stainless steel or black PVD, Ø 42.00mm or Ø 44.00mm

                                        : Anti-reflective coated sapphire glass

Dial                                  : Black, silver coated, blue or carbon

Water resistance             : 50 meters  


With the improvements it made, Longines has managed to give a new and fresh look to its successfull diver collection, Hydroconquest. For some time now, stainless steel or titanium bezels leave their places to ceramic materials in diver’s watches. Longines has not been indifferent and improved its Hydroconquest collection with ceramic bezels.

l3-781-4-56-6-hydroconquest-2-.jpg l3-781-4-76-9-hydroconquest-2-.jpg

Except this improvement, there has not been any changes made for the case and the mechanism. Hydroconquest series are one of the top seller diver’s watch collection in the world and we’re curios about how this ceramic bezel improvement is going be met.


Technical properties:

Reference                              : 3 Hands/Date 

                                              : L3.781.4.56/76/96.6/9           Ø 41 mm

                                              : L3.782.4.56/76/96.6/9           Ø 43 mm


                                              : L3.783.4.56/76/96.6/9           Ø 41 mm

Caliber                                   : 3 Hands/Date

                                              : Automatic caliber L888.2 (ETA A31.L01)


                                              : Automatic column-wheel chronograph mechanism

                                              : L688.2 (ETA A08.L01)

Case                                      : Round, stainless steel, 41 mm and 43 mm

                                              : Black/grey/blue ceramic bezel

Dial                                       : 3 Hands/Date

                                              : Black/grey/blue,


                                              : Black/grey/blue

Water resistance                   : 300 meters

La Grande Classique de Longines

One of the most iconic product groups of the brand, La Grande Classique, has attained a new look with the addition of the brand’s iconic blue. First introduced in 1992, the collection was exposed to many changes through the years. In the year 2018, collection goes up to the stage with the blue dial option.

l4-341-0-97-6-la-grande-classique-de-longines-2-.jpg l4-766-4-94-6-la-grande-classique-de-longines-2-.jpg

Offering different strap options in addition to the diamond detailed dials and bezels, La Grande Classique will be one of the first choices for female users who is looking for an entry level classic piece.


Technical properties:

Reference                          : Stainless Steel Models

                                           L4.209.4.94/95/97.2/6                           Ø 24 mm

                                           L4.512.4.94/95/97.2/6                           Ø 29 mm

                                           L4.755.4.94/95/97.2/6                           Ø 36 mm


                                           L4.766.4.94/95/97.2/6                           Ø 37 mm                   

                                           Diamond Dial Models

                                           L4.341.0.94/95/97.2/6                           Ø 24 mm

                                           L4.523.0.97.2/6                                       Ø 29 mm

Caliber                               : Quartz

                                           L209 (ETA E03.001)                                Ø 24 mm

                                           L420 (ETA 282.001)                                Ø 29, 36, 37 mm

                                           Automatic               Ø 36 mm

                                           Caliber L592.2 (ETA A20.L01)

Case                                   : Round, Stainless Steel

                                           Round, Diamond embedded stainless steel

                                           36 Diamonds, 0.302 Karat, Top-Wesselton VVS Ø 24 mm

                                           44 Diamonds, 0.369 Karat, Top-Wesselton VVS Ø 29 mm

Water resistance               : 30 meters

Straps                                : Blue crocodile leather or Stainless Steel bracelet


Record collection is one of the product groups that the brand produces classic models both for men and women. Models (26, 30, 38.5, and 40mm) are produced in 4 different sizes, for the use of both male and female, can be preferred with stainless steel or pink gold versions. All of the pieces in Record collection has the COSC certificate.


l2-320-5-87-7-record-2-.jpg l2-820-8-92-2-record-2-.jpg


Technical properties:

Reference                          : Stainless steel and 18k pink gold coated

                                           L2.320.5.11/57/72/76/87.x                    Ø 26.00 mm

                                           L2.321.5.11/57/72/76/87.x                    Ø 30.00 mm

                                           L2.820.5.11/57/72/76.x                          Ø 38.50 mm

                                           L2.821.5.11/57/72/76.x                          Ø 40.00 mm

                                           Diamond embedded stainless steel and 18k pink gold coated

                                           L2.320.5.59/89.x                                     Ø 26.00 mm

                                           L2.321.5.59/89.x                                     Ø 30.00 mm

                                           18k Pink Gold coated

                                           L2.320.8.11/87/92.2                               Ø 26.00 mm

                                           L2.820.8.11/72/92.2                               Ø 38.50 mm

                                           Diamond embedded 18k Pink Gold

                                           L2.320.9.87.2                                          Ø 26.00 mm

Caliber                               : Ø 26.00 and Ø 30.00 mm models


                                           Caliber L592.4 (ETA A20.L11) COSC Certificate

                                           Ø 38.50 and Ø 40.00 mm models


                                           Caliber L888.4 (ETA A31.L11) COSC Certificate

Case                                 : Round, Stainless Steel and 18k Pink Gold coated

                                           Ø 26.00, Ø 30.00, Ø 38.50 and Ø 40.00 mm

                                           Round, Diamond embedded stainless steel and 18k pink gold coated

                                           Ø 26.00, Ø 30.00 models

                                           Round, 18k Pink gold coated

                                           Ø 26.00 et Ø 38.50

                                           Round, Diamond embedded 18k pink gold Ø 26.00

                                           52 Diamonds, 0.405 Karat Top Wesselton IF/VVS : Ø 26.00 mm

Water resistance               : 30 meters

Elegant Collection

As in the Longines La Grande Classique collection, the Elegant collection also comes in front with blue dials. The collection, with designs that deserves the slogan of the brand "Elegance is an attitude" was produced in 5 different sizes for both male and female. All of the new watches of the Elegant Collection uses automatic Longines mechanisms.


l4-310-4-97-2-the-longines-elegant-collection-2-.jpg l4-910-4-92-2-the-longines-elegant-collection-2-.jpg


Technical properties:

Reference                             : L4.309.4.92/97.2/6                               Ø 25.5 mm

                                               L4.310.4.92/97.2/6                               Ø 29 mm

                                               L4.809.4.92/97.2/6                               Ø 34.5 mm

                                               L4.810.4.92/97.2/6                               Ø 37 mm

                                               L4.910.4.92/97.2/6                               Ø 39 mm

Caliber                                  : Models Ø 25.5 mm and 29 mm


                                               Caliber L592.2 (ETA A20.L01)

                                             : Models Ø 34.5 mm, 37 mm and 39 mm


                                               Caliber L888.2 (ETA A31.L01)

Case                                        Round, Stainless Steel

Water resistance                   : 30 meters

Dial                                        : Model Ø 25.5 mm

                                               Blue, 11 index

                                               Blue, 12 Diamonds

                                               Models Ø 29 mm, 34.5 mm, 37 mm, 39 mm

                                               Blue, 12 index

                                               Blue, 13 Diamonds

Legend Diver

The most notable model of the Longines in Baselworld is absolutely the new PVD coated Legend Diver. The model, which is enjoyed by many watch lovers, has gone a little farther away from its heritage view with its new PVD coated version, but has lost nothing from its elegance.

l3-774-2-50-9-the-longines-legend-diver-watch-2-.jpg l3-774-2-50-9-the-longines-legend-diver-watch-1-.jpg

Technical properties:

Reference                          : L3.774.2.50.9

Caliber                               : Automatic,

                                            Caliber L888.2 (ETA A31.L01)

Case                                   : Round, Black PVD coated stainless steel, 42 mm

Water resistance               : 300 meters

Straps                                : Black PVD coated titanium folding clasp and Milanese style black rubber strap with integrated diving extension.

Master Collection

Master Collection, which was first introduced to the market in 2005, is getting Annual Calendar function in Baselworld 2018 fair. The model takes its power from the caliber L897.2, which is specially produced for Longines, and measures 40mm in diameter.

simon-baker-the-longines-master-collection-annual-calendar-.jpg l2-910-4-78-3-the-longines-master-collection-annual-calendar-2-.jpg


Technical properties:

Reference                           : L2.910.4.51/77/78/92.x         40 mm

Caliber                                : Automatic,

                                           Caliber L897.2 (ETA A31.L81)

Case                                    : Round, Stainless steel, 40 mm

Water resistance                : 30 meters

Straps                                 : Black, blue or brown crocodile leather strap

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