alexa Longines X Horobox Exclusive Get Together

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Longines X Horobox Exclusive Get Together

Longines, one of the leading brands in the Swiss Watch Industry, presented its new models to watch lovers at a special event held in the unique atmosphere of Percy Bar. At the event, which was enlivened with the participation of Horobox Inside and Horobox WhatsApp group members, the main models of the well-established brand that left their mark in 2023 met with watch enthusiasts.

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The new models of the brand, which has a deep-rooted history and a deep-rooted fan base in our country as well as all over the world, dazzled this year as well. Our groups, which brought together the real watch enthusiasts in our country and reinforced the increasing joy of this hobby as they shared it with special events, had the opportunity to thoroughly experience the Longines 2023 novelties.

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We would like to thank everyone, especially within Longines Turkey and Swatch Group Turkey, who contributed to this meaningful organization and hope to see you at new events.

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