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Marlon Brando’s Rolex GMT-Master from ’Apocalypse Now’ Sold For $1,952,000

The model, which is one of the most popular Vintage Rolex watches of all times, sold through an auction arranged by Phillips Auction House.

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Vintage Rolex hype, one of the phenomena that we are sure will never end continues in full throttle. These watches, which are often more popular than their modern relatives, are available from a variety of sources, from second-hand shops to auctions held by world-famous auction houses. The Vintage Rolex in question here stands out with its ‘celebrity’ connection.

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Soon after the sales of Paul Newman’s record-breaking Daytona, another celebrity-owned Vintage Rolex met its new owner. The Rolex GMT Master, which actor Marlon Brando portrayed in his 1979 blockbuster Apocalypse Now, was sold for $ 1,952,000 at an auction held by Phillips Auction House.

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The model, which is very familiar for Vintage Rolex aficionados, has become one of the most popular Rolex models of all time with its cult bezel-lacking look. Produced in 1972, the model bears the Ref. 1675 model code... In addition to its standard features and beaten up look boosted with the lacking bezel, the model comes with a pair of special leather strap produced by Attila Aszodi exclusively for Brando among the black rubber tropical strap, which is a popular accessory of its time.

1675-vintage-rolex-gmt-master-marlon-brando-5.jpg 1675-vintage-rolex-gmt-master-marlon-brando-8.jpg

The watch sold for $ 1,952,000, including all costs and commissions, after the contentious battle between the two bidders participating in the auction online and via telephone, making it one of the most expensive Vintage Rolex watches of all time.


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