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MB&F Legacy Machine Thunderdome

MB&F introduced its latest Legacy Machine timepiece, Thunderdome, in two limited edition versions. The models attract attention with their revolutionary three-axis Tourbillon concept movements.


The boutique manufacturer MB&F, which offers the concept of ‘exotic watch’ through a unique interpretation, has added a new model to the Legacy Machine product group, which has its name written in gold letters to the horology archives. MB&F’s new product line, consisting of two models incorporating brand’s symbol design details, seems to be the candidate for opening a new chapter in traditional watchmaking with a new touch to the Tourbillon from the essential complications of high-end watchmaking.

The model that comes with a Grade 950 platinum case and a light blue Guilloche dial is limited to 33 units only. The other model, which is exclusive to the luxury watch retailer The Hour Glass, comes in a tantalum case with two different iterations equipped with either green Aventurine or dark blue Guilloche dials, each limited to 5 units only.

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The case comes in two different material options: Grade 950 platinum or tantalum. Measuring 44mm x 22.2mm in size, the massive case that consists of 20 different components is equipped with double-side anti-reflective coated sapphire crystals on both sides. Water pressure resistance is limited to 30 meters / 3 ATM.


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It is possible to use the definition ‘the bridge that connects the past to the future’ for the movement that gives life to the new model family. Exclusively developed for MB&F by two watch geniuses Eric Coudray and Kari Voutilainen, the movement combines traditional watchmaking with modern horology.


The hand-wound movement with 63 jewels/413 parts, beats at a frequency of 3Hz (21.600vph) and offers a power reserve of 45 hours when fully wound. The groundbreaking innovations in the movement are mainly in the escapement and Tourbillon.


The movement, which is equipped with a bespoke hemispherical 10mm balance wheel with traditional regulating screws and a helical hairspring that are visible on top, has three barrels. Appearing to hover above the dial plate of Legacy Machine Thunderdome is the ‘Triaxle’, a highly sophisticated multi-axis rotating escapement, which was a very challenging concept even for its creator, Eric Coudray. With the innermost structure completing one turn in 8 seconds, the intermediate cage rotating once every 12 seconds, and the outermost cage making one full rotation every 20 seconds, the LM Thunderdome has the distinction of possessing the fastest combined rotation in the category of multi-axis regulating mechanisms.


The time is displayed on a 58° vertically tilted dial in hours and minutes. The dial is quite legible with contrasting black and white details. The power reserve indicator of the movement is monitored through the sapphire crystal display case back.


Even though the movement has already taken its place among the most refined examples of modern horology, it still tributes to the masters of traditional watchmaking with its spectacular artisanship inspired by 19th-century style decorations including beveled internal angles, polished bevels, Cotes De Genève waves, and hand-made engravings.


All models come with a blue hand-stitched alligator strap with Grade 950 platinum or tantalum folding clasp matching the case.


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