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Meeting With Porsche – Serdar OAL

The iconic German automobile manufacturer Porsche hosts our Executive Editor Serdar OAL in the second episode of the exclusive “Meeting with Porsche” series, where the brand welcomes its fans.

The cult manufacturer, represented by Doğuş Otomotiv A.Ş. in Turkey, continues its exclusive “Meeting with Porsche”, which includes interviews with Porsche enthusiasts. Serdar OAL, our editor-in-chief, is the guest of the second episode, where part of the shooting took place in Quadran boutique, the multi-brand luxury watch store of D-Saat. OAL, also an avid watch collector, shares his experience with Taycan, one of the most successful Porsche models of all time, and also highlights the similarities between the brand's partner in the luxury watchmaking industry, TAG Heuer, and its legendary model Carrera.

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