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Officine Panerai Submersible New Models

Panerai, introduced new Submersible Collection as a part of its SIHH novelties. The new models that are offered in 42mm to 47mm cases do not have the “Luminor” on their dials anymore. It seems that Panerai, who does not want the name Submersible to be shaded under the Luminor badge, is preparing for a more aggressive entry than ever before with the SIHH 2019. Blending a brand-new design approach with the brand’s characteristic lines, the new collection also hosts colorful fonts and high-tech materials.

Panerai Submersible – 42mm (Ref. PAM00683 - PAM00959 )

Among the innovations, the first models that attract the attention are PAM00683 and PAM00959 offered in 42mm stainless steel cases. The models, which express all the characteristic details of the Panerai’s professional dive series models, promise maximum usability outside the water with relatively small dimensions.


pam00683-officine-panerai-submersible-42mm-black-dial-1-.jpg pam00959-officine-panerai-submersible-42mm-grey-dial-3-.jpg


pam00683-officine-panerai-submersible-42mm-black-dial-2-.jpg pam00959-officine-panerai-submersible-42mm-grey-dial-1-.jpg


The PAM00683 features a black dial / black ceramic bezel, while the PAM00959 features a textured, shark gray dial and a blue ceramic bezel. Both models have a water resistance of 300 meters. Inside the stainless-steel cases with solid case backs are the self-winding Caliber OPXXXIV. 23 jewels movements beat at a frequency of 4Hz (28.800vph) and offer a power reserve of 72 hours (3 days) as well as a date display. Watches come with matching black or blue rubber straps.

pam00683-officine-panerai-submersible-42mm-black-dial-6-.jpg pam00959-officine-panerai-submersible-42mm-grey-dial-6-.jpg

pam00683-officine-panerai-submersible-42mm-black-dial-4-.jpg pam00959-officine-panerai-submersible-42mm-grey-dial-4-.jpg

Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech – 47mm (Ref. PAM00799)

Another star of the show is the Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech PAM00799, which combines two innovative inventions of the Panerai Laboratorio De Idee in a single body. The new model, which is one of the best examples of how cutting-edge technology changes the watch industry, attracts attention with its 47mm BMG-Tech case and Carbotech bezel.


The patented alloy consisting of zirconium, copper, aluminum, titanium and nickel has superior properties of metallic glass structure thanks to its special production technology. The model that offers almost everything needed in a sports watch like high surface hardness, extra strength against corrosion, durability and resistance to magnetic fields, features a bezel made of Carbotech material which comes to the fore with its durability and lightweight.

pam00799-officine-panerai-submersible-bmg-tech-47mm-1-.jpg pam00799-officine-panerai-submersible-bmg-tech-47mm-3-.jpg

pam00799-officine-panerai-submersible-bmg-tech-47mm-2-.jpg pam00799-officine-panerai-submersible-bmg-tech-47mm-4-.jpg

The PAM00799, with its brilliant black dial and blue details, has maximum visibility in all conditions with the Super LumiNOVA phosphor material. Panerai’s in-house developed and produced with automatic caliber P.9010 model, the model offers 3 days of power reserve. 31-jewels movement beats at 28800vph and has a date, second reset and a fast time lapse function. The Panerai Submersible BMG-Tech PAM00799 comes with a black rubber strap and titanium buckle.

pam00799-officine-panerai-submersible-bmg-tech-47mm-6-.jpg pam00799-officine-panerai-submersible-bmg-tech-47mm-7-.jpg

Panerai Submersible Carbotech (Ref. PAM00960 - PAM01616 )

The new Submersible Carbotech models combine lightness and sporty appearance under the same roof. Carbotech cases, which are even lighter than titanium but also extremely resistant to impacts and corrosion, are preparing to meet their fans under the references of 42mm PAM00960 and 47mm PAM01616.


Produced with matt black patterns unique for every watch, Carbotech cases guarantee top performance in all conditions. The dials in which the blue and white indices are used together offer high legibility even under water thanks to the Super LumiNOVA phosphor material.

pam01616-officine-panerai-submersible-carbotech-47mm-1-.jpg pam01616-officine-panerai-submersible-carbotech-47mm-2-.jpg

pam01616-officine-panerai-submersible-carbotech-47mm-3-.jpg pam01616-officine-panerai-submersible-carbotech-47mm-4-.jpg

The 42mm diameter PAM00960 features the automatic Caliber OPXXXIV, while the 47mm diameter PAM01616 features the automatic Caliber P.9010 with larger dimensions. Both movements have a power reserve of 3 days. Offered with black rubber strap and DLC coated titanium buckle, the new models include sapphire crystals, Carbotech case backs and a waterproof value of 300 meters.

pam00960-officine-panerai-submersible-carbotech-42mm-1-.jpg pam01616-officine-panerai-submersible-carbotech-47mm-5-.jpg

pam00960-officine-panerai-submersible-carbotech-42mm-2-.jpg pam01616-officine-panerai-submersible-carbotech-47mm-6-.jpg

Panerai Submersible Chrono Guillaume Néry Edition – 47mm (Ref. PAM00982 - PAM00983)

Two new chronograph models developed for the French freediving champion Guillaume Néry are among the innovations of Panerai’s SIHH 2019. The new special edition models produced for four different fixed-weight freediving world record-breaking Néry come forward with their Flyback Chronograph movements.

pam00982-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-grey-dial-8-.jpg pam00983-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-blue-and-black-dial-8-.jpg

pam00982-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-grey-dial-1-.jpg pam00983-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-blue-and-black-dial-1-.jpg

The PAM00982 with a 47mm diameter titanium case and blue ceramic bezel and the black DLC coating with a titanium case and a black ceramic bezel PAM00983 that is limited to 15 units only have sapphire crystals and a waterproof value of 300 meters.

pam00982-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-grey-dial-2-.jpg pam00983-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-blue-and-black-dial-2-.jpg

pam00982-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-grey-dial-3-.jpg pam00983-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-blue-and-black-dial-3-.jpg

The watches are powered by in-house, 3-day power reserve Caliber P.9100 movements that are equipped with Flyback Chronograph and Immersion Time (for measuring the time spent in water) features. Both models draw attention with their textured dials. The PAM00982 features a shark gray color while the limited production PAM00983 features a special degraded dial with a green to black tone. Both models will be offered with rubbers straps and buckle combinations made of the same material with the cases.

pam00983-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-blue-and-black-dial-5-.jpg pam00983-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-blue-and-black-dial-4-.jpg

The lucky owners that are privileged to have this limited to 15 units special model also will have the opportunity to take part in the diving organization organized by Panerai in Moore / France together with Guillaume Néry.

pam00982-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-grey-dial-5-.jpg pam00983-officine-panerai-submersible-chrono-guillaume-nery-edition-blue-and-black-dial-6-.jpg

Panerai Submersible Marina Militare Carbotech – 47mm (Ref. PAM00979 - PAM00961)

The perfect combination of the Italian Navy spirit and the traditional watchmaking of Panerai salute us. The new models introduced by Panerai with the slogan “the watch that you need to survive” come in 47mm diameter Carbotech cases with Carbotech bezels and carbon dials.

pam00961-officine-panerai-submersible-marina-militare-carbotech-8-.jpg pam00979-officine-panerai-submersible-marina-militare-carbotech-7-.jpg

pam00961-officine-panerai-submersible-marina-militare-carbotech-1-.jpg pam00979-officine-panerai-submersible-marina-militare-carbotech-1-.jpg

The models featuring 300 meters of water-resistant, sapphire crystals and 3-day day-reserve, in-house automatic Caliber P.9010s, guarantee maximum legibility in all conditions with the Super LumiNOVA index dials.

pam00961-officine-panerai-submersible-marina-militare-carbotech-4-.jpg pam00979-officine-panerai-submersible-marina-militare-carbotech-4-.jpg

The PAM00979 model with white indices and black rubber strap is among the standard models, while the PAM00961 model with a green index and strap combination will be limited to 33 units only. The lucky owners of PAM00961 models will experience training together with the Comsubin group, which provides diving and commando training in the Italian Navy.

pam00961-officine-panerai-submersible-marina-militare-carbotech-6-.jpg pam00979-officine-panerai-submersible-marina-militare-carbotech-5-.jpg

Panerai Submersible Mike Horn Edition – 47mm (PAM00984 - PAM00985)

Panerai’s 15-year brand ambassador, one of the greatest adventurers and explorers in the world dedicated to Mike Horn, the new models come to the fore with technological and environmentally friendly features.

pam00984-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-7-.jpg pam00985-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-7-.jpg

pam00984-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-1-.jpg pam00985-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-1-.jpg

The 47mm diameter Eco Titanium is the first in the watch industry, which is produced from titanium obtained by recycling instead of using natural resources. This material is included in the case, bezel, case back, winding crown and crown guards.

pam00984-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-2-.jpg pam00985-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-3-.jpg

The 300 meters water resistant model is powered by the manufacture movement Caliber P.9010 with 3 days power reserve. Panerai factory in Neuchâtel manufacturing a watch regarding the project for resetting carbon dioxide emissions is also a very important move in terms of eco-friendly production procedures. The straps of the watches are also produced from PET. In this way, a solid but also more environmentally friendly production approach is adopted.

pam00984-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-4-.jpg pam00985-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-4-.jpg

The PAM00984 model with a black dial is included in the standard collection, while the PAM00985 with blue strap and index will be limited to 19 pieces only. The owners of this special model will also have the opportunity to participate in special events on the glaciers in the arctic region with Mike Horn.

pam00984-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-5-.jpg pam00985-officine-panerai-submersible-mike-horn-edition-47mm-5-.jpg

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