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Oil Filled Watches

It's hard to believe, but there are such watches. How about taking a look at these special watches that give their users a completely different time reading experience?

What is an oil-filled watch? Of course, there is no such official definition. The watches with their whole cases or just the dials being filled with a special oil have become very popular lately.


What are the advantages? With the transparent liquid that fills the space between the dial and the crystal, the time reading experience is taken to a completely different dimension. The hour hand, the second hand, seconds hand and, other indicators, if any, appear to be attached to the crystal. Since there is oil in the interior of the watch instead of air and the heat capacity of this matter is much higher than what it is in the standard watches, fogging on the crystal due to the sudden temperature changes is prevented. The presence of an incompressible fluid that can meet the external pressure on the inner surface of the watch can contribute positively to water resistance too. But the most important thing is; these watches look different.


There are several “oil-filled” watches currently available on the market with a variety of prices and categories.


All of the Type series models of the Belgian manufacturer Ressence is among the watch aficionados’ favorites with this technology they offer. The models that redefine your perception of 3D with the liquid between the dial and the crystal, makes you admire those timepieces while feeling amazed at the same time.


When we lower the price scale, the UX model of the German manufacturer Sinn stands out. In the system introduced by the brand as the HYDRO Technology, benefits such as maximum dial visibility in all conditions including underwater, non-fogging crystal, and increased pressure resistance are highlighted.


If you are looking for a more affordable watch, the answer comes from Italy. The Capsoil models of the watchmaker U-Boat also have cases filled with oil, just like the other watches on the list. These watches come in two different types as three-handers and chronographs, which are all battery-powered.


Now, if you say all of those watches are above my budget, let me show you the way to make your own oil-filled watch. There are plenty of posts on video sharing sites about DIY oil-filled watches. All you have to do is to get a quartz Casio, open the case, remove the movement and dial as a whole, and fill it with an industrial-type, high-viscosity oil. Then put back the removed parts after making sure that there were no bubbles inside the case. Don't worry, the gaskets on the front and rear sides will prevent the oil leak. At least for a while. Of course, it is also useful to consider the possibility of this operation causing irreversible damages to your watch.


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