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Omega Seamaster PloProf Summer Blue

PloProf, one of the undisputed rulers of deep seas, continues to rule with its new color theme, Summer Blue.

When the Omega Seamaster PloProf was first introduced in 1971, it aimed to serve a single purpose: to be the world's best diver's watch. Its characteristic design, cleverly designed, and superior engineering details, combined with the Omega logo, resulted in a model that exceeded expectations. Half a century has also witnessed the evolution of PloProf.


Today, the modern PloProf manages to enter the close attention of not only diving fans but all watch lovers. Yes, it is not a watch that will suit every wrist, but I do not doubt that it attracts the attention of every enthusiast who lives this passion to an advanced level.


Summer Blue version featured in our review corner; A special model featuring various shades of blue on the dial, bezel, and even the strap. Choosing this color also supports the technical features of the watch from a functional perspective, because the colors become indistinguishable at depth. Blue stands out as the color that preserves its visibility the most compared to other colors.


The name PloProf is derived from the French word Professional Plongeur, meaning professional diver. The case of the watch is made of a special stainless-steel alloy developed by Omega called O-Mega Steel. When you look at PloProf, its size may seem intimidating, but as soon as you put the watch on your wrist, you realize how unfounded your concerns are. The case width of the model is 55mm and the case length is 45mm. In other words, it has the same case length as a standard watch with a diameter of 37-38mm. This allows PloProf to be carried easily on the wrist. The case thickness is determined as 15.5mm.


The most characteristic detail of PloProf is, of course, its diving-type bezel, which can be activated with a button. When you press the button on the right side of the watch, the locking mechanism that rotates the bezel is released and you can make the necessary adjustments. The bezel of the watch can be turned in both directions, unlike other diver models. When you lift your finger from the button, the bezel is fixed so that it cannot be rotated even accidentally. For this reason, the winding crown of the watch has been moved to the left of the case. Thus, the feeling of comfort on the wrist is increased. The structure on the bezel is made of sapphire crystal. Just like the glass of a watch. The dial, hands, and bezel trio, which we come across in every shade of blue, is supported by Super-LumiNOVA and achieves maximum visibility in the dark. Offering 1200 meters of water resistance, the model is equipped with a helium escape valve for saturation divers working in deep seas.


PloProf Summer Blue comes to life with the automatic caliber 8912, developed and produced in-house. This Master Chronometer certified movement demonstrates superior performance in terms of precision, durability, and magnetic field resistance. The caliber, which has a power reserve of 60 hours, has an extraordinary operating frequency of 3.5Hz and a double-stage adjustment system. When you pull the crown, it allows the hour hand to be adjusted independently of the minute hand, skipping one hour at a time in the first stage. Thus, you can switch to different time zones without changing the time setting.

omega-seamaster-ploprof-summer-blue-6.jpg omega-seamaster-ploprof-summer-blue-7.jpg

The model is 24mm wide, produced in dark blue tones, and equipped with a rubber strap that pays homage to the historical PloProf model with its perforated structure; I recommend it to all watch enthusiasts, especially diving enthusiasts, who consider criteria such as brand value, prestige, high engineering, remarkable design, superior quality.

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