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Oris Aquis Date and Aquis Date Upcycle

Introducing the new Aquis Date and Aquis Date Upcycle, a modern versatile collection of everyday tool watches that delivers luxury performance and sophistication to today’s world citizens. 


At Watches and Wonders Geneva 2024, Oris unveils the next-generation Aquis Date, embodying contemporary refined luxury. The collection is designed for individuals valuing design, mechanics, sustainable manufacturing, and Swiss watchmaking independence. 

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Building on its signature design, the new Aquis Date offers improved performance, including the Oris-patented Quick Strap Change system and the innovative quick-adjust clasp system. Additionally, the Aquis Date Upcycle features a dial made from recycled PET plastic, reflecting Oris's commitment to sustainability. 


The new Aquis Date showcases radical sustainable packaging, contributing to Oris's Emissions Reduction Programme. Crafted from recycled and fully recyclable materials, this modular packaging reduces emissions by over 50%. Oris Co-CEO Rolf Studer emphasizes, "Aquis is the cornerstone of our collection and a symbol of our joyfully sustainable approach to watchmaking." The refined collection features redesigned lugs, crown protection, and bracelets for enhanced aesthetics and ergonomics. Underneath, improvements include new shield-shaped hour markers, Alpha-style hands, and date wheel color matching for seamless integration. With variations in sizes and movements, such as the flagship Aquis Date Calibre 400, offering five-day automatic models, the collection ensures inclusivity and choice. 

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The Aquis Date Upcycle returns with unique recycled PET plastic dials, embodying Oris's commitment to environmental awareness. The collection includes models powered by Calibre 400 and automatic Calibre 733, conveying a message of collective responsibility for positive change. 

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Oris's dedication to sustainability extends to its packaging with the introduction of the Oris Sustainable Watch Box. Made from recycled materials, it reduces plastic consumption and shipping weight, aligning with Oris's mission to reduce carbon emissions. 

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Through its sustainability initiatives and commitment to excellence, Oris continues to lead the way in modern luxury watchmaking, providing consumers with watches that make sense both aesthetically and ethically.


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