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Patek Philippe Baselworld 2019 Predictions

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Another name that comes to minds when it comes to Baselworld is Patek Philippe. Before the upcoming exhibition, we would like to share our predictions regarding possible novelties coming from the famous brand.


Patek Philippe has a place of its own in the world of luxury watchmaking. So as the Nautilus Collection among Patek Philippe product line. The Nautilus Collection, which is the first choice of not only the users that meet the brand for the first time but loyal Patek Philippe fans, remains an object of desire since the day it has been launched. Being aware of this situation, Patek Philippe continues to pursue its strategic approach in terms of both new model design and sales / marketing regarding the legendary product group. Looking to the present resale value of the stainless steel Ref.5711 alone is enough to see the interesting (!) results of this approach.


5726-1a-010-patek-philippe-nautilus.jpg 5726a-001-patek-philippe-nautilus.jpg

If we narrow our subject to Patek Philippe Baselworld 2019 Predictions, Ref.5726 is the model that attracts attention. The model, which offers classic complications like the annual calendar and the moon phase indicator in a sporty suit that can be worn anytime, is one of the most preferred Nautilus versions among the watch enthusiasts.


The reason why we are talking about this model is something quite common for the watch industry in general and yet a shocking effect when Patek Philippe does it. What is it? The three different Ref.5726 versions in the collection being no longer available. Yes, although this has not been officially announced (though no company makes such an announcement, but when it comes to Patek Philippe, people think it would be on the news or something), dealers are no longer responding to the new Ref.5726 demands. It is possible to see the effects of this situation on the speculative resale market by following the obvious sources but this is not the case (at least not this time).


Ref. 5726 has always been one of the successful models within the Nautilus Collection. The reasons are mostly the model’s user-friendly complications and the appeal of the sporty Nautilus concept. However, there is also the fact that the model comes with a minimal number of dial choices and stainless steel only. Well, you know it is quite hard to control the Purists when Patek Philippe and stainless steel come together.


Our expectation is that the brand will not discontinue such an important model entirely, but rather update it with different dial colors or precious metals (stones). Of course, we believe that a model designed in this manner will be as successful as the previous versions. Let’s wait and see than...


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