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Richard Mille Bonbon

According to Richard Mille Art Director Cécile Guenat, even saying the word Bonbon is enough for you to smile. The new Bonbon collection is memorable, elegant, bold and fun. Or simply: Creative!


The Bonbon project, launched with the slogan of the sweet and entertaining part of luxury watchmaking, collects world-renowned successful artists under the roof of Richard Mille to produce 10 special timepieces.

rm-07-03-richard-mille-automatic-litchi.jpg rm-16-01-richard-mille-automatic-fraise.jpg

Six of the models with 60 striking colors had carbon and quartz TPT cases, while four benefited from RM’s superior ceramic technology. The new models are offered in two series as; Fruits and Sweets. Lemon & strawberry (RM16-01), blueberry & chinese fruit (litchi) (RM07-03) and kiwi & cherry (RM37-01) combinations of fruit collection are offered with color gradient carbon and quartz TPT cases. RM used the turquoise colored case for the first time in its history for these models. The watches have 3000 hand painted and polished fruit figures on their dials.

rm-37-01-richard-mille-automatic-sucette.jpg rm-37-01-richard-mille-kiwi.jpg

Sweets collection is home to Cupcake (RM07-03), Marshmallow (RM07-03), Lollipop (RM07-03) and Licorice Root (RM16-01).

rm-07-03-richard-mille-automatic-marshmallow.jpg rm-07-03-richard-mille-automatic-cupcake.jpg


Richard Mille Bonbon watches will be presented to Richard Mille boutiques during the summer.

rm-16-01-richard-mille-automatic-citron.jpg rm-37-01-richard-mille-automatic-cerise.jpg

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